DealDash Tips: How to earn Free bids

Free Bids

Do you know how many different ways you can get free bids on DealDash?

You can get free bids by doing any or all of the following:

  • Go to “My Dashboard” and look at both your “Buy It Now History” and your “Won Auctions.” Sometimes you will see an offer (written in green letters) for you to earn 10 free bids for writing a review. It only takes about 15 seconds, so this is an easy way to collect free bids.
  • Go to the DealDash home page every day and place at least one bid in an auction. By doing that, you can earn from 4 to 30 free bids. The first time you will receive 4 free bids and if you continue to do that every day, you will get up to 30 free bids. Once you get up to 30 free bids, you will continue to receive that many as long as you do not miss a day. If you miss a day, you will have to start over again with only 4 bids.
  • Have your photo taken with a product you won on DealDash and email it to: [email protected] along with the information on the retail value, how much you paid and how many bids you used to win it. If the value of the auction item is $200 or more, you will receive 350 free bids; if it is from $99 to $199 you will receive 250 free bids; and if it retails for $99 or less, you will receive 30 free bids. Your photo can also be entered in the “Best Photo of the Week” contest. If you win, you will get 1,000 free bids.
  • Every time you place bids you will see a green line move at the bottom left of your screen. At the time of this writing the special feature is 3X. That means that instead of getting 10 seconds on the clock, you will get 30 seconds instead. When that line moves all the way to the far right, you will collect a designated number of free bids, depending on the level you are on. When my green line gets to the end, I will be on Level 60 and I will receive 810 free bids.

Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers