DealDash Tips for Losing Gracefully

dealdash tipsEveryone loses sometimes on DealDash, but there are always more auctions to win. Here are some tips for losing gracefully from DealDash.

There are hundreds and hundreds of auctions every day on DealDash, however, DealDash is the most popular pay-to-bid auction site, so there is some stiff competition. Everyone wants to win, of course!  You have to remember that there is always another bidder waiting in the wings for when you make a mistake, too. Everyone wants to win the auction as much as you do, and there is only one winner per auction. Losing gracefully is a good skill to have, here are some tips from DealDash to help you.

Be Observant, Even When Losing

Be sure that you are observing the other bidders when you are on DealDash, even when it’s clear that you aren’t going to win. By observing the other bidders who are winning you can learn things their bidding styles, their endurance, and whether or not they use their BidBuddies.

When it’s clear that I’m not going to win an auction I stop bidding and stay to watch. By watching the other bidders I can pick up some handy tips and tricks that I might miss out on if I closed the laptop and walked away. Don’t be pouty when you don’t win, you can always BIN!

BINning is Almost as Good as Winning

If you have spent more than a few bids in a DealDash auction you need to be using the BIN (Buy It Now) feature. When you BIN an auction that you didn’t win you get exactly the amount of bids that you placed back into your account. You can use these bids again the same day or save them for later, it’s your choice. You will also receive free shipping on all BINS as well as wins, of course. Since you have everything back that you originally started with, I wouldn’t consider that much of a loss!

Thanks for Reading

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash Tips article. I hope this article has helped you with your strategy on DealDash! We all want to win, but sometimes we BIN. If you have any requests for specific articles, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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This blog was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.