DealDash Tips: Common Mistakes Newbies Make

When you first start playing on DealDash, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the competition and the chance to win great bargains. The last thing you might do is to stop, watch, read and learn how to play smart.  Only the players who do just that, however, are most likely the ones who win the most auctions, using the least amount of bids and spending the least amount of money.

Some of the most common mistakes newbies make are:

  • Buying bids at full price instead of waiting for them to go on sale
  • Bidding from the home page and not allowing the automated bidder, BidBuddy, to place your bids for you.
  • Bidding in too many auctions at the same time
  • Bidding when you are too tired or too busy doing other things
  • Bidding with experienced power bidders that you have slim to no chance to beat
  • Bidding on items you don’t really need
  • Not knowing when to stop and over-spending your budget
  • Not knowing how to use the BIN (Buy-It-Now) option

Plenty of information is available for new players to learn how to avoid making such common mistakes. If you do not understand something, all you have to do is read the “how to” articles and blogs listed on the bottom of the DealDash home page or go to the official DealDash web site. You can also contact Customer Service and they will gladly answer your questions.


Submitted by:  Barbara L. Sellers