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Welcome to Monday’s blog, DealDash bidders! I hope that you had a lovely weekend and are ready for a week full of DealDash bidding. Today DealDash is having a special promotion which I will tell you about down below. Also, it’s important to note that if you pay for your auction today it will be delivered by Christmas. So get your Christmas gifts on DealDash today. Read on for more information about today’s special promotion on DealDash.

No Bidders After $3 Promotion

Normally on DealDash, there are no more new bidders permitted into an auction after the auction has reached $5. This is called the “No Jumper” rule. This ensures that auctions don’t run indefinitely. This could happen if it was a “Free Auction Day” and it was a highly coveted auction such as for a TV or video game system. Trust me, this No Jumper rule is a good thing!

As I said, today is the $3 No Jumper promotion. This means that there are no new bidders allowed into an auction after it reaches three dollars. This means that there’s an even better chance that you will be triumphant because there will be far fewer people in each auction. And that’s good news for all of the bidders. There are plenty of auctions available to bid on, so don’t fret, there are enough items for everyone. That’s one of the marvelous things about DealDash, there are new auctions starting every 2 minutes on average.

Free and Half-Priced Auctions

I mentioned another great DealDash promo above called “Free Auction Day”. This promotion is typically on a weekend, and sometimes you can even catch a Free Auction Weekend. During this promotion, all auctions only cost 1 penny. The auction price could reach hundreds of dollars, and you will still only pay 1 penny. There is typically quite a bit of competition on these days, but you can occasionally snag an auction for just a few bids. You never know until you try.

Half-priced auctions are similar to the Free Auction Day promo, except instead of paying 1 penny you pay half of the final auction fee. You can get excellent items for a discount on these days. There is a bit more competition on these days as well, however not normally as much as on a Free Auction Day.

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