DealDash Tips: Are you using your tools?

Are you using the DealDash tools? Having the right tools saves time and always makes our jobs easier.

DealDash offers many tools to help shoppers quickly find what they are looking for, but many new players might not be familiar enough with the site to know what they are or how to use them.

A few of my favorite DealDash tools are:

Browse Categories      

If you look to the left, just under the main header on the home page, you will see “Browse Categories.”  If you click on it, you will see several different categories: All Auctions; New Items; Bid Packs; Electronics & Computers; Fashion, Health & Beauty; Gift Cards; Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors & Games; Home, Garden & Tools; and Kitchen & Dining. By clicking on the category you are most interested in, you can quickly find your favorite auctions.

Search Auctions     

If you look to the right, just under the main header on the home page, you will see “Search Auctions.” If you click in the space and type in what you want, you will quickly find out if that item is part of the live auctions or will soon be part of the auctions coming up. For example, if you type in “lawn mower” (now at the time of this writing) you will see that several lawn mowers will be coming up for auction in the near future. If you click the button that says, “Alert Me,” you will be notified when that item comes up for auction, so you don’t miss it.

Using DealDash tools helps players have an easy and happy shopping experience.



Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers