DealDash strategy continued, it's not just Shopping!

So you think you know your competition?  Just when you have the “every guy” figured out, the new guy comes along.  DealDash is so popular that many , many people join every day.  These newbies are uninformed versions of one’s self!
Let’s face it, we were all “newbies” once.  We came in and waltzed our way into the experience.  I compare it to going to a local carnival, there is something to be said about going rouge in a once- a- plain- field!  We walk by this plain old field every day and all of a sudden, there is a carnival! WHAT?! This plain old field is ready for stomping, screaming and revelry!
Deal Dash makes you feel that way… There is plain old shopping online, and there is DealDash!  It makes online shopping more than just shopping.  But, the truth is, if you don’t have a strategy, it’s just shopping.
So, knowing that, keep in mind that there are savvy shoppers out there who like to shop in the middle of the night and they want deals!  I can’t stand going to the mall, and it’s just not open when I want to shop; at 2AM!  That is one of my strategies, shop in the middle of the night.  You can’t just show up at 2 in the morning, you have to plan ahead.  So let’s say an item you want is coming on the market at 8PM and it’s a large prize.  At 8 PM place 100 bids. Maybe you win it for that or less, but probably not.
So, you placed bids at 8PM, now you get up in the middle of the night and place 1000 bids.  You want to be sure that you don’t place more bids than an item is worth, but coming back into an auction when the rest of the country is asleep is a good strategy.
This strategy is only effective if you know your competition.  Always know the competition.   If you are unfamiliar with the people in the auction and you just have to have this item stay “steadfast and true”  but with this strategy, you must be willing to purchase the item for full retail and stay awake for hours, but if you get a $2599 item for $259 isn’t it worth it?  If you are bidding on a $1000 item and you are not willing to purchase it at full retail, don’t bid on it.  That way you are ensured not to lose money.
Staying “steadfast and true” means watching an auction from beginning to end.  I am a big fan of this and often spend two days in a battle.  Sure I sleep and eat, that’s where the BidBuddy comes in handy, it wouldn’t make for good life choices if you don’t walk away form the experience, so for that DealDash has BidBuddy.  I have mentioned over and over in my blog how important the BidBuddy is and if you need to, read past blogs!
That’s why I only bid on items I actually want.  If you don’t need an iron, don’t bid on an iron.  But if you think 5 people on your Christmas list could use a new and dynamic iron, bid!  But I would not get up in the middle of the night for an iron.
So you found a large prize you want, place 100 bids when it opens, and then revisit the auction in 12 hours, it may have close and that’s ok, bid on the next one. or it may still be on the market. place your bids and go to bed.  See you in the morning winner!
I hope this helps you win more auctions!! Life is GOOD!
Happy Bidding!!
Written by Donna, DealDash user since 2014.