DealDash Strategies for Winning

Everyone who has been shopping on for long know there are many different winning strategies that various members use.

If we are on a tight budget and do not have any bids to waste, we will want to come up with a strategy that works best for us. Watching other loyal DealDash shoppers, I noticed a couple different winning strategies that I really like. Below are a few examples:

  1. One long-time DealDash shopper seldom places more than a small number of bids at the beginning of the auctions. When everyone else only places one bid at the beginning of the auctions to avoid getting locked out, this wise shopper places more than one bid so he’s always there with that second or third bid when no more new players jump in. It’s amazing how well this strategy works. I have seen this player win some incredible deals. Better yet, by using this strategy of only bidding at the beginning of auctions, this player never has to pay a high closing fee.


  1. Several other long-time DealDash shoppers only place one bid at the beginning of auctions they want to win and then they do not place any more bids until the auction gets close to the retail price that the auction usually closes at. By using this strategy, they do not use up their bids until the auction is getting ready to close when they are needed most to win.

If we write down the screen names of DealDash shoppers who frequently win auctions, and then watch what they do and how they play, we can learn more winning strategies.




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