DealDash Secrets: It’s Black Friday in April!

DealDash loves to have fun with the names of their sales, and this weekend is the “Black Friday in April Sale”,  and one thing this sale has in common with the day after Thanksgiving is the deep cut in prices for bids! If you like to get your bids on sale, this is the perfect sale to stock up. Also, the Black Friday Sales are very popular so it will be busy on the site, your wins will come with perseverance!

On Friday, April 8, 2016 all wins are FREE! and bids are only .12 cents. What a deal! I always  love it when DD picks up the tab for my wins! Saturday and Sunday April 9-10, 2016 bids will be only .13 – .12 cents, respectively. That’s an incredibly low price and you can win more prizes with your extra bids.  The bids come in packs between 200 – 4000 bids, you will get more bids for about the same price as an everyday low bid price.

That’s not the end of this amazing sale.  I’m happy to report, my favorite sale is happening this weekend when DealDash gives us free bids faster with multipliers of 4 and 5 times.  Everyday at DealDash they give players free bids for “time as high bidder”.  Every time you place a bid, the clock runs up your time until you reach the next level, then click the bright blue button,”claim bids”,  and they are deposited right in your account!

DealDash offers Free Shipping everyday on every item!

  • Friday – Free Wins, .12 cent bids, Free Shipping
  • Saturday – .13 cent bids, Free Bids 4X Faster, Free Shipping
  • Sunday- .12 cent bids , Free Bids 5X Faster, Free Shipping

After you win your item this weekend, snap a photo of you with your win, and email it in to [email protected] with a comment as outlined on the Facebook page, and it will be entered in The Best Photo of the Week Contest for 1000 Free Bids which DealDash gives away once a week.  When you do DealDash will thank you with some free bids for sharing.  DealDash is the most fair and generous site, it’s easy to win, it’s fun to play and they have an outstanding customer service team!

Visit the Facebook page and see what other players are winning and sharing, and get up dates on sales and upcoming events.  There you will see new products showcased by DealDash and get first hand comments on the items.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!