DealDash Promotions Explained: Half-Off Wins

half offRight now DealDash is running a promotion. You can purchase bids for $0.15 a piece this brings bid pack costs down significantly from the $0.60/bid retail price. Bid packs are sold inĀ packs of 220 bids for $33, 500 bids for $75, 1000 bids for $150, 2000 bids for $300 and 4000 bids for $600.
During this sale DealDash is also slashing prices of all auction wins by 50%. What does it mean when an auction is “half-off?” Sometimes DealDash will run sales where auction end prices are “free” – half off – 50% off auctions – this means that the final end price of an auction (the price you pay to claim your win) will be cut in half. So if an item ends for $30.00 – you will only pay $15 + the bids you have already placed in the auction.
What’s a FREE auction? A free auction on DealDash is an item that if you win you will only pay for your bids and not the final end price.
How is the final end price calculated?
The final end price is the sum of all bids placed in an auction by all bidders. If an item is at $3.48 and you were the last bidder when the timer clocks down to 0 you’re the winner. Including your bids, 348 bids were placed by everyone who participating in trying to win the auction. Yes, there is just one winner, but the great thing about DealDash is that if you are not the winner all you have to do is pay the stated retail price for an item and you will get all – 100% of your bids back into your bidding account to try to win another item in the future. It really is a win-win if you want to bid again and if you want to win!
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Check it out and let us know how you like it!