DealDash is Rocking the Autumn Sales!

This time of year at DealDash is exciting and changing!  All the holiday merchandise is coming out and there is a lot of great new deals.  The sales this time of year are spectacular!
The selection of items is equally exciting.
Right now at DealDash you can bid and earn 3 times the free bids, just for bidding.  For every bid you place you earn credit toward more bids.  The more bids you place, the more you get for free! That is unheard of at any other auction site!  Throughout the season DealDash will offer 2 times and three times the free bids.  This is a great time to stock up on bids and rack up the free ones!

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The value of an auction is not always “the” value!  Often DealDash will offer 50% Off and Free Auction wins! Yes, it’s true, DealDash is the number one site for sales.  There is never a dull moment at DD.  When  you bid you invest in your future by earning free bids and then winning your auction for 50 or 100 percent off!!!  Win -Win.  And as always, at DealDash if you don’t win your item, you can buy it for the fair retail price and receive every single bid back you placed in the auction to try for another item.
Near the end of the month you can expect a Clearance Sale that brings high volumes of clearance items at reasonable prices.  These sales generally run along side other sales like the extra bids, free wins and the great “no bidders after $3”  where no bidders may join the auction after it has reached three dollars, which is usually set at $5.00.
Which ever sale you find at DealDash during this Autumn season, you will surely find a great bargain and leave full and entertained!
Happy Bidding!!

Donna, DealDaser since 2014.