DealDash Epic Wins, Few Bids!

If you’ve ever wondered why the “power bidders” win a lot, it’s because they are prepared to do battle.  Getting to know the DealDash Site is one of the best ways to prepare for battle.  First, be serious about bidding but have fun doing it.  I make a list of the people I want to keep an eye on, and I always use the tab “Who’s At Their Limit”, it costs one bid, but it can give you some insight into who may dominate a auction.  It’s found on your Dashboard in the left hand column.
Check the stats of the site when you want to get started.  Watch the winners list so you know who won the big bid pack recently.  When using the winners list to examine the field, the lower the final sale price, the shorter the auction.  So if some one just won an 800 bid pack for .48 cents, they just place those bids, but if it sold for $24.00 it’s been running a while.
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It takes some time to get to know the DealDash site in detail, so the more you play the more you know.  You start by having fun, you come and go in auctions, but now you want to win, and the power bidders are serious about winning and some will do it at all costs.  Everyone is on the site is there for the same reason, to find great deals.
I have fought my way through many battles, but it’s also part of the allure for me.  In any event, I still love winning! However you get there, it’s all about the ride! Be sure to check the stats when you get there, who’s winning, for what price and Who’s At Their Limit? Knowing these facts will help  you win more auctions for less bids.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.