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Do you ever wish that you had an inside sneak peek of what DealDash promotions are coming up? Well, today is your lucky day! Let me tell you what’s happening this weekend…

Would you like hear about some DealDash bid prices and promotions that are going on this weekend? February is a great month for Deals and promos on DealDash! There are some good bid prices as well as special promos for you to participate in and enjoy. Read on to learn about the special sales and promotions going on this weekend.

Special Bid Prices

DealDash is offering bids tomorrow, February 10th, for .14. However, if I were you, I would wait until Sunday to buy a bid pack. Can you guess how much the bids are going to cost on Sunday? On Sunday, February 11th, DealDash bids will be on sale for .12! Can you believe what a great price that bids are going to be, and not even on a holiday weekend? Stock up now, you never know when the next .12 bid sale will be happening, and you wouldn’t want to be caught with no bids when a great auction comes up. Make sure that you visit DealDash on Sunday to take advantage of this awesome bid sale price.

 DealDash Special Promotions

This weekend DealDash is having one of everyone’s favorite promotions. 50% off of all auctions! This means that whatever the final auction price is when the auction is over, you will only have to pay half! This is an excellent way to take advantage of getting extra savings this weekend. This half-off all auctions sale will run the entire weekend, so be sure that you check out all of the auctions through the end of the weekend.

Also, do note that even if an auction isn’t over by Monday, you will still get the half-off auction price. For example, if you begin bidding on a laptop on Sunday evening, and it’s not over by the time you go to sleep that night, if it’s still running the next day when you come back to it, you will still get to take advantage of that great half-off price. DealDash realizes that there are people from all time-zones bidding, and doesn’t want to penalize anyone and have them not be able to use the 50% off promotion.

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