DealDash Christmas Tips to WIN!

DealDash Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m sure by this time you and your family have already opened open your presents and had a lovely day. Now let’s get back to DealDash!

How was your day? I hope that it was full of family, friends, and delicious food. Did you get all of the presents that you asked for from Santa? If not, maybe it’s time to get back to DealDash and win those coveted items that you are yearning to have. Here are some tips from DealDash for getting back into the auctions if you have taken a few days (or weeks!) off for the holidays.

If you’ve taken some time off from DealDash because you were busy with holiday preparations, you probably need to replenish your stock of bids. Well, today is a very good day to buy bids. Today only, bids are for sale on DealDash for only 12 cents!!! This is the absolute lowest price that I have ever seen bids, so it is an excellent time to stock up on bids for the upcoming days, weeks, or even months depending on how many you are planning to buy. I would definitely suggest that you purchase your bids soon, though, because on days that bids are priced so cheaply they tend to sell out by the end of the night. Click here to go to DealDash to buy .12 bids.

Another thing that you should take advantage of today is free auction wins. It’s true! Any auction that starts today will have a final auction price of .01 (for payment processing), no matter how high the auction price goes – even if it goes to hundreds of dollars, you will just pay .01 if you are the winner. This is good for all auctions that start today, even if the auction lasts through the night and into tomorrow. As long as you start bidding on an auction with the price crossed out and the words “Free” it will be .01 no matter when it ends. Isn’t that an awesome deal?! You can get some really great deals if you are able to win with only a few bids – which definitely happens! Look through the “Winners” tab at the top to see what people are winning, and at what price.

I hope that you have found this DealDash Tips blog helpful. I hope that you and your family had an amazing Christmas! Feel free to write your favorite Christmas moments in the comments, I’d love to read them. Go check out the .12 bids and the free wins on DealDash. DealDash has everything you need to complete your holiday. Visit DealDash now! Merry Christmas from DealDash!

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