Choosing Great Times to Bid

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Choosing great times to bid might be the key. Here are some things I look for when I’m trying to choose the best times to bid:

Shop when the fewest number of customers are online. For example, during the Super Bowl, many other shoppers might be busy watching the game instead. On New Year’s Eve many other shoppers might be out celebrating, too. Whenever any event is taking place where most other shoppers are not likely to be online might cut down on the competition and make winning easier.

Late nights might also be a great time to bid. Many shoppers cannot afford to do any late night shopping because they have to get up to go to work the next day. Of course, they could place a bulk of bids into BidBuddy and then go to bed and look the next morning to see if they won anything. Most likely, we might not want to do that, especially if we want to monitor the bidding process.

If we do choose to bid during the middle of the night, it is important for us to consider the time zones. The East Coast is three hours ahead of us. So at 3 a.m. on the West Coast, it would be 6 a.m. on the East Coast and they could be getting up and getting ready to go to work. Some of them might choose to do a little shopping before leaving for work, too.

Weekends are another time I try to avoid. Why?  Because most working shoppers will most likely have weekends off and more customers are probably going to be online during their days off.

By choosing great times to bid, we might be able to eliminate a large number of our competitors and win more auctions.

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