Check Back Often

Perhaps one of the most important things customers can do to win more frequently is to check back often.

The DealDash shopping site changes and the only way to keep track of the latest auctions and the newest customers is to return to the site on a regular basis.

My previous list of power bidders to avoid needs to be updated on a regular basis because the customer base changes, too, and it’s a good idea to be familiar with who’s who. New customers come and old customers go.

If we look at the last seven winners of the auctions we want to win, we will see that some shoppers win a much better bargain than others. Why is that? Answer: Sometimes more than one power bidder competes in the same auctions and they knock heads.

I’ve been a loyal customer of DealDash since Feb. 8, 2012, and I’ve noticed that whenever two or more power bidders compete in the same auction, that auction will not close for a very long time and the final selling price will go a lot higher. Therefore, smart customers will return to the site often enough to recognize the screen names of the following kind of shoppers:

  • Those who consistently have a seemingly endless supply of bids
  • Those who have a habit of overbidding the value of the auction product
  • Those who have the habit of joining the auctions with a bunch of bids near the very end.

Any senior on a limited budget, like I am, must make wise decisions to get the most out of all of our bids. Some shoppers might actually enjoy getting into a bidding war, but some of us simply cannot afford it. Therefore, I return to DealDash often enough to keep my keep my list of power bidders updated.

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