Bid On Win What Your Family Needs on DealDash

There are so many things on DealDash… you might look at it and say, ooh yes I want a new iPad, or I want a big screen TV to watch football this season, want, want, want. You could go on and on, but did you know that DealDash actually has items that you really actually need and buy on a daily basis? Let’s start with a few household necessities!
DealDash actually offers items that you need. For instance, let’s say you frequently dine in and love to cook. You could use a new knife set, spatulas, pots & pans, or maybe after all of the cooking and then after – dish washing, your dish washer broke and you are in desperate need of a new one. Sure you can, and have been, known to wash your dishes by hand, but do you realize how much time you could save if you didn’t have to?
This is where winning a brand new dishwasher could come in handy!danby dishwasher
DealDash currently offers auctions on two different portable, space saving dishwashers. This Danby 8-Place Setting Energy Star Portable Dishwasher can fit a capacity of up to an 8-place setting with a silverware basket. It also includes  a stainless steel spray arm and finished interior allowing for easy cleaning. It also includes an automatic detergent dispenser and a built-in water softener system. The casters on this device allow for easy portability. At only 25.98″ x 17.7″, this dishwasher can easily fit into even cramped kitchen spaces. Save money on your energy bills, too! This dishwasher is Energy Star Efficient. – the buy it now price is $592 but one ended on July 1st for only $3.02 meaning only 302 bids were placed by all bidders!
bella dots slow cooker
Another need is a slow cooker! Did you know that a slow cooker is a great way to enjoy healthy home cooked meals without having to wait hours for something to cook when you are hungry? Just set up the slow cooker and fill it with what you want – from potato casseroles to soups, brisket, roasts and more, and let it cook for you! It can be set from 30 minutes to 20 hours in advance. The warm setting will also keep your food heated before serving. You can get creative, too, there are tons of recipes online for slow cooker recipes.
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tide podsIf you wear clothes chances are you will need to wash your clothes! Tide offers these easy, no-mess detergent pods! DealDash sells them in their auctions, plus at just around $13 buy it now, if you don’t win you can buy it, get them shipped to you free and get the bids you placed back into your account.
Ah, the feeling of freshly washed or brand new bed sheets. Crisp, cool and super comfy! You can’t beat that feeling. Who doesn’t love new sheets?sheet setIsabella Black and White Collection Sheet Set is a perfect addition to the bedroom and you can win it for less by bidding on this item and other sheet sets on DealDash!
What do you bid on at DealDash that you consider a necessity? Tell us about it in the comments section here!