Bid Pack Strategies

One thing I love about is that there are always plenty of bid packs available. I love winning bid packs because that gives me a lot more bidding power for my money.

With so many different bid packs available, however, it could be confusing to know where to begin. After winning more than 30 bid packs in the last few months, I’ve learned a few strategies that usually worked fairly well for me.

We each must develop our own strategies for winning any auction, but the following strategy for winning bid packs usually worked well for me:

Step 1

400 bid pack on
400 bid pack on

I check to see which bid packs I’m still free to bid on. Once we win a bid pack, we are not allowed to bid on that same bid pack for 30 days. Sometimes we might forget which bid packs we have already won, but DealDash makes it very easy for us to find out and make a list. If we open a bid pack, it will tell us if we have already won it and are still not qualified to bid on it again. Perhaps the easiest way to make a list of bid packs we cannot bid on is by going to our Dashboard, click on our “won auctions,” and write down all the bid packs we have recently won.

Step 2

Of the bid packs that are still left, I might place at least one bid in each of them so I do not get locked out.  The first ones I want to look at are the old ones because they often have less competition. I noticed the brand new bid packs are most popular and usually have the most competition. After the “No New Bidders” banner goes up that locks out all new bidders, I will look at the following:

  • The number of bidders who are qualified to participate in the auction. I prefer not to compete in auctions that have more than 30 other competitors.
  • The screen names of the competitors. I will run my mouse over each and every avatar to see if I recognize any names I have on my “never compete with list.” My list has the screen names of shoppers who have a habit of overbidding the value of auction and well-known power bidders.
  • The screen names of competitors who recently won a large bid pack. Most likely, I would not be able to outbid any competitor who won 1,000 to 8,000 bids.
  • The selling price of this auction for the last several winners. If the auction usually sells out for $7.00 I might want to wait and place the rest of my bids into BidBuddy at that point.
  • The number of bids previous winners used to win the auction. If 8 of 10 previous winners used 200 or fewer bids to win the auction, most likely I could win the auction by placing 200 bids, too.

Step 3

After following the above process, I choose the bid pack that looks like the easiest one to win and place all my bids into that auction.

Of course, the biggest bid packs can be the most difficult to win, mainly because they usually have the largest number of competitors.

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