Best DealDash Features

Do you have a favorite feature on

Some customers shop on DealDash every day, but some customers might shop a lot more when their favorite feature comes up. Below are some of my favorite DealDash features.

One per Customer
One thing I like about this feature is that it’s available every day. All we have to do is look in the upper left corner of the auctions to find the little yellow square with the number 1. Whenever we see that, we know that auction product has a limit of “one per customer.” I love auctions that have a limit of “one per customer” because it prevents a handful of power bidders to win more than their fair share of the high-dollar items, and it might help the rest of us to win the product.

2X and 3X Time as highest bidder
Look at the green line at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Whenever we see the 2X feature, we will get twice as much time on the clock as the highest bidder; and whenever we see the 3X feature, we will get three times, or 30 seconds for each bid on the timer, instead of just 10. In other words, placing 300 bids on a 3X feature is like placing 900 bids instead. That means our green line will move all the way to the right a lot faster and when it does, we will be able to collect some more free bids.

No New Bidders After $3
I love this feature because this usually means we will have less competition because all new players will be blocked from placing any bids once the auction price reaches $3 instead of $5 (or in the case of some cars, $1,000).

Fifty Percent Off to the Winner
This feature means that after the auction closes, DealDash will pay half of the selling price and the winner pays only the other half. In other words, if the auction closes at $50, DealDash will pay $25 and the winner will pay $25. During this feature, we have the opportunity to win some really great bargains.

If you have not shopped on DealDash during all of these special features, check it out. Features like these helps to keep DealDash a fun place to shop

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