DealDash Special Features For Extra Savings

By Barbara turns shopping online into a new and exciting experience by frequently rotating its special features.  That is why it is important to keep coming back. We might be able to win more auctions whenever the special feature changes.

The most common DealDash features are:

  • Free-to-the-winner auctions–DealDash pays the final closing cost of the auction for the winner. Many shoppers like this feature because they only have to be concerned about the cost of the bids they are using–nothing else.
  • Fifty-percent off auctions–The winner of the auction only has to pay half the closing cost of the auction and DealDash pays the other half. This feature also saves winners lots of money.
  • No new bidders are allowed to participate in any auction after the closing cost reaches $3 or more. This feature makes it easier to win by limiting the number of bidders allowed to participate in the auction.
  • 2X and 3X features–Look at the green line at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Every time shoppers place a bid the green line usually moves for 10 seconds. When DealDash has a 2X and 3X feature, shoppers get 20 or 30 seconds counted on the clock instead of only 10 seconds. When the green line moves all the way to the right, the shopper wins free bids. Therefore, this feature allows shoppers to win free bids much faster.

Various DealDash features give us various new incentives to keep our shopping experience fun and interesting.




Sponsored blog post submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers                                                          

Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.