DealDash Features Explained: Avatars and Statuses

Did you know that you can personalize your DealDash bidding experience?
DealDash allows all bidders the opportunity to add more personal flair to their bidding experience with features such as avatars and status updates. dealdash-avatars
How do you select an avatar on DealDash? By going to the personal profile page which is found under the bidder dashboard you can put in a status update message to share with other bidders. Each time you place a bid your status will be displayed and it will also be displayed when hovering over all bidders in the “all bidders in this auction box.” The “all bidders in this auction” area is helpful because it tells you when a bidder’s first bid was placed. Note the rules, though state to not intimidate others with your status, but some do use this option as a part of their strategy.
Once you’re on the bidder profile page you can set your status. Note the rules:
 “Maximum of 250 characters. (0/250 used) Please don’t try to intimidate others or post misleading content, bid count, links, emails, etc. Thank you!”
Now you know how to set an avatar an status, just another great way to add more to the bidding fun on!
What’s your opinion of status updates and avatars?