Believing is Achieving

“Believing is achieving” and “If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”  

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Have you ever heard those sayings?  It makes good sense to me. If I had not believed in my ability to learn how to type, I would never have taken a typing (or keyboarding) class and I would never have won the “Best Typist of the Year” award. If I did not believe I could get hired as a professional journalist, I would never have pursued my dream job and would never have earned so many journalism awards. As long as we believe in ourselves there is no end to what we can achieve because “Believing is achieving.”

The same concept holds true when shopping on First, we must believe we can become a winner. If we do not believe we could win a high-dollar auction, we will never place bids in high-dollar auctions. I looked at the screen names of all of the past winners of brand new cars. I’m familiar with most of the screen names of regular shoppers on DealDash and I pay attention to their various bidding styles.  Therefore, I know that some of the shoppers who won a new vehicle are not power bidders. Yet, they won, anyway. How did they do it? I would say the answer to that question is “consistency.” In other words, “If at first (they) don’t succeed (they continue to) try and try again.”

Where to Begin

Winning an auction always begins with believing we can win and then coming up with a plan and a strategy to win what we want. I seldom win an auction the first time I try but I learned more than anything else the key to winning is consistency. That does not mean that we never stop. Sometimes wise shoppers do stop when it makes sense to do so. At the same time, it’s important to know there is a difference between stopping and never giving up. Winners might stop one day but come back the next day. Consistency usually pays off in the long run.

If we look at past winners we can learn a lot. We can see that some winners used a small number of bids and won the auction at a bargain price, whereas some other winners use a large number of bids and pay three times the BIN to “win” the same auction. Nearly all of the auctions will sell at a bargain price sooner or later. Some auctions sell at a bargain price more often than others, but the key is to be there on those rare occasions when the auction product sells extremely low. If we consistently place a limited number of bids each and every time the product we want goes up for auction we will eventually be there at the right time to win it.

Bottom Line

Don’t ever let yourself become your own worst enemy by quitting before you even begin. Remember if Johnny or Susie can win an awesome bargain on DealDash so can you.

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