5 Ways to Save on DealDash

Looking to save money on DealDash, but don’t know where to start? Follow these 5 tips to save more and win more items on DealDash auctions!
1. If you’re a new bidder be sure to start out by bidding on beginner auctions. TheseĀ items will have less competition than other items because they are only available to brand new bidders! Beginner items are usually lower priced items and gift cards to various fast food restaurants and other retailers.
2. Want to bid without getting tired? Be sure to set up a bid buddy for each auction you want to bid in. You can set any amount that you would like to bid, but be sure you have the bids in your account or it will not be able to start for you. Be sure to refill your bid account if you want to bid more in an auction. Sometimes you may have to buy more bids f you want to keep going when the competition is high!
3. Buy it now! If you can’t win, be sure to BIN – buy it now lets you buy an auction for the stated buy it now value on DealDash. Plus, get all of your bids back into your bidding account when you exercise the option to buy it now! This is a great way to save money, save your bids and still get the item you want, you just may not get a great deal if you are buying it now and not winning it with bids. You can always try again to win the same item or another item with your bids if you’d like, too!
What are your favorite ways to win? Items up for auction today include gift cards to restaurants, department stores and more! Plus KitchenAid mixers, iPads, laptops, Beats headphones, stereo systems, HDTVs and so much more!