Spreading Yourself Too Thin at DealDash

Ok, why is it so important not to spread yourself too thin then you are bidding at DealDash? Because you want to win auctions!  One thing we can all hope for is that someone else spreads themselves too thin and they make the mistake.  That’s what happens, you lose auctions.

By spreading yourself too thin, I mean, you get involved in too many auctions at once.  There is a great temptation to get involved in a lot of auctions because you never know, you might win one for a few cents.  But you have to pay attention to the items you place just a few bids in.

If you are bidding in a bunch of auctions at once, you must be using your DealDash Bid Buddy, they Bid Buddy needs to be fed, and if you don’t put in enough bids you could run out and lose while you are tending to the other auctions.  If you insist on bidding in a bunch of auctions, it’s best to load up the Bid Buddy with way more bids than you plan on using, and this way if you are tending another auction, you won’t lose this one. You do have to micro manage your auctions like this, you don’t want to intentionally overbid.

In the beginning, I always suggest you bid in just one or two auctions at once, and please, don’t “Stomp”  Stomping is pouncing a bid in manually without regard to your free bids or the free bids of other players.  You can’t win auctions this way.  But, if you stay focused on one or two auction, it is much more manageable.  Tip: More free bids come from using your Bid Buddy, than manually bidding.

If you don’t have a lot of bids and you actually want to win something, keep it simple.  That means, just bid on the items that are under $200, they tend to close much quicker than other high valued auctions.  As well, stick to the one auction, so you can micro manage it.

Micro managing is watching the auction close even if you are using Bid Buddy, and for me it means I will leave the auction if, 1. too many people join, and then go back later, or 2. I only have a few bids and I don’t think I’ll win with them.  If you do number one, don’t forget to watch the auction closely, you want to know if it gets down to two people.

Tip: Just because there are only two players, that doesn’t necessarily mean the auction is going to end soon, so pay attention, get involved and use your Bid Buddy!

So, when you’re bidding at DealDash resist the temptation to bid in more than a few auctions at once, your bids will last longer and you will win more auctions.  Make sure you micro manage your auction to conserve bids.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash: Staying Involved vs. Bid Buddy

When you first get started at DealDash you may be overly involved, just stomping in your bids at random times and quite frankly, losing bids like crazy.  Then you discover Bid Buddy!  The Bid Buddy places bids for you in your place and in your turn.  So, if there are 7 people in the auction and they are all using Bid Buddy, you will have a bid placed for you automatically every 7th bid (or penny cost of item).  For each bid the cost of the item goes up one cent. You hope you put in the largest number of bids to be the last bidder.

Staying active is very important in the beginning, you are learning how many bids you need to use to win certain auctions, but I do recommend you use the Bid Buddy.  So, now you want to branch out, play in more than one auction, this is a fun and exciting time, you are spreading your wings!  This isn’t the time to go rogue.  Use Bid Buddy in every auction you are in.  You can get involved in several auctions, but stay involved my managing all the auctions.  Tip: If you load 10 auctions at once all with 10 bids, they are all bound to end at once before you have a chance to reload them.  Perhaps a better plan would be to put 20 bids on each of 5 auctions.  By that time the field will have thinned out in a couple and managing is easier.

The juggling act is half the fun, so don’t get caught up in the fear of bidding.  Stay involved, especially with the items you really want.  I find I bid on items I don’t want all the time, usually to exchange for bids, but this is a sure way to lose your bids and walk away with nothing.  You have to be willing to lose a lot if you do this.  I’ve gotten used to losing, it wracks you with fear in the beginning, now I just say, “Oh well, you can’t win them all!”.  Don’t get me wrong, I win a lot, in fact, with the new rules, I win more than ever!

The main point here is that it’s best to use Bid Buddy, but it’s also important, especially in the beginning, to stay actively involved in the auction too.  You can do one or the other, but both is best. If you do stay involved and use Bid Buddy you can, as I call it, “micro manage” your auctions.  I will jump in and out of auctions depending on who is in it, how many bidders and the final price.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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What Do You Really Need from DealDash?

There are many reasons to go to DealDash, and the first of these is entertainment!  This is a shopping experience that transcends any other shopping experience on the internet.  DealDash is the most fun and fair Penny Auction site out there.  Others have tried to copy, but none come close to the fun or deals you will find at DealDash.

A Penny Auction is a way of marketing merchandise and offering great deals to the players.  The price of the item goes up one cent with every bid placed by the current pool of players.  When the last bid is placed, that person wins!  Because this is a game, you can’t win them all, but at DealDash there are options, it’s one of the most “fair” features at their site.  The Buy It Now (BIN) option is a great feature at DealDash that allows you to bid on an item and if you don’t win, purchase the item and you will get your bids back.  They never want you to leave empty-handed.

You definitely need a great deal!  This is a great place to find it.  You could save up to 99% on an item, I have many times.  The best way to do this is to bid during a Free Wins event.  During this event no matter where the clock stops the winner pays only a one penny transaction fee, so you could essentially win an item for 99% off if you only use a few bids.  It happens all the time.  They also have the 50% Off Wins, which allows you to save 75% or more on items.  DealDash is not in the business to disappoint, in fact they have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. You don’t get a great rating without being a great company.

I’m sure you need free bids, we’ll, you’ve come to the right place!  Every bid you place at DealDash rewards you with free bids.  The way that system works is you place a bid and are considered “High Bidder” and for about 10 seconds you accumulate time which brings you to your next level, when you reach the level, you get the bids!  It’s wonderful! The number of free bids is determined by the amount of time you are at the site.  So you can reach levels where the free bids are into the thousands of bids.  Just keep bidding and you’ll keep getting free bids.

Stop wondering what you really need from DealDash, it’s Entertainment Shopping, great deals, free bids and a lot of fun!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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What’s In A Sale at DealDash?

Hundreds of players bid at DealDash everyday, and as a reward and to keep it interesting DealDash offers a few different sales that I’ve come to love and appreciate.  They range in style and the rewards are different, it keeps the playing field interesting and ever evolving, and they help you win when you like to win.  Some sales just don’t thrill everyone, but most sales thrill everyone.  Check it out…

A very popular sale at DealDash is the “Free Wins” Sale.  This sale is wild!  There are usually a lot of players on a Free Win day and they can get out of hand when bidding.  You have to keep your eye on the prize during this type of sale because the final price may go over the retail, after all, you’ll only pay one penny no matter how high the price goes.  But for the most part, the auction ends within the retail, but usually on the high side.  This is a great sale to bid on an item that would otherwise go closer to retail because no matter how many bids you use, you pay only one penny for a transaction fee instead of the final price even if it’s thousands of dollars!  Though your item is free, DealDash still  pays shipping too!

The Free Sale has a little brother the “50% Off Wins” Sale, this is exactly like the free wins except you pay half the final cost of the item, I like this sale because once the item reaches the $5 no new bidder mark, it is very similar to a full price item, except if half off.  That’s half off the final price not the retail price so you could still be saving 75% or more with this sale.

Sometimes they throw in a $3 “No New Bidder” Sale.  Usually, it’s $5 where any player is cut off from joining an auction.  As long as you bid before the item reaches $5 you may enter the auction.  During the 3$ no new bidder sale it’s $3 and there are usually many less bidders.  There can be a combination sale, for example 50% off and $3, there will be more players in that.  You will get to know the crowd the longer you bid and the ride is half the fun!

My personal favorite sale is the Bid Multiplier for your “Time As High Bidder” (TAHB).  DealDash rewards all players with free bids for every second you are the highest bidder, that tallies up until you reach the next level, when you do you are given your free bids and this goes on and on and on!  Every time you bid you earn more and more.  It’s never boring to see them drop 1100 bids in your account, that was my last reward.  They take the TAHB multiplier and often give double the time, and you can also find a triple multiplier and a 4X multiplier.  I have even seen a 5X multiplier for free bids and they rack up pretty quick.

There is also a range in bid prices. You may pay .60 the first time you buy bids at DealDash, but once you are a member of the site, you will be able to purchase the bids for the sale price which varies from day to day in a range of .12 cents to .16 cents. DealDash will often combine the lowest prices with the best sales from above during holidays, so always check the DealDash Facebook page to find out when and how much! We all know where! DealDash.Com

Which ever event you love, you’ll always find one interesting sale going on at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash: Stats and Your Dashboard

The more I use DealDash the more the information on the site becomes innate.  But in the beginning there was so much to learn, I didn’t know where to look and all the options were, at times, overwhelming.   Although I was having fun, I didn’t realize I could have been winning more auctions, with fewer bids, sooner, if I just used a couple of the tools I have right on my Dashboard.

The Dashboard is found on the main page of the website right on top (or on the top of your App) Click it to be brought into the Dashboard where there is a bevy of information.  For me the first is the Bidding History,  here you will find how many bids you used on a certain item and how many times you bid on an item.  If you are going to bid on that item again, the number you used may be the number you need to exceed this time, maybe not, but the odds are you will need to exceed it.  What not to exceed is the retail price in bids, if you find you are approaching the value of the item with the cost of bids, back out of the auction and buy the item, DealDash will give you your bids back.

Your Transaction History is very important, this is where you keep track of how much money you are spending, this is important so you stay in line with what it is you need.  Try not to bid on items you don’t want, especially in the beginning.  The longer I bid, the less I bid on items I don’t want….do I ever? sure, it’s fun to beat you folks, but I won’t overbid to do it.  It’s not practical.  You will also be able to see all the free bids DealDash has given you for your Time As High Bidder, for your photo submission and the new Daily Free Bids, given for consecutive days bidding.

Your Public Profile can help you win if you have just the right comment to go with your bidding style, I would love to say something like “I’ll never leave” but the truth is, I will, and no one would take me seriously.  I have had some success with quotes about strength or perseverance. I like to switch it up and appreciate when other do as we have to read each others comments a lot.

Your DealDash Buy It Now list is the first thing you will see and this is a list that evolves daily.  Every item you bid on has a 7 day period where you can purchase the item and get all your bids back, so the Buy It Now list give you insight to the potential free bids you would receive if you bought the item.

Any and all of this information can be helpful and you should check these lists and features often.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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New Free Bid Feature at DealDash

Every day at DealDash the creators try to think of ways to please the customer. I’ve been pleased over and over by the choices they’ve made to make DealDash more fun for me and you.  There are a lot of features that make us want to come back, but the latest of these is  the return for free bids, there is a new feature at DealDash where you can come to the site and get free bids, but if you come to the site every day for more than 7 days, you will win 30 bids for every one of those consecutive days. There is nothing better than getting 30 free bids every day!

So, for every day that your reenter the DealDash site you will receive an exponentially  higher amount of bids until you reach 30 bids, once you reach that point, you will receive 30 bids each day you come back to the site.  So if you come back 5 days in a row, you will be rewarded 150 free bids.  If you miss a day, they start over and you can reach the 30 a day again and again.

These are bids you can win with!  They are free and any bid you place with these bids matters.   You can win more bids and you can win real items.  This is just another great way DealDash thanks us for showing up at their site.

I’ve won several items at DealDash this week with less than 30 bids, here is a short list of these wins:

  • Shoulder Massager 16 bids
  • Shoulder Bag, Purse 6 bids
  • 2 Ct Ear Rings, 18 bids
  • Wall Decor, 29 bids

You will win prizes with your free bids too. Stick to the lower retail prizes if you really want to win, the chances of winning a high value prize with less than 30 bids is significantly less.  The point is you want to win, so, go get your free bids and win some great prizes! DealDash wants you back.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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What exactly is a Power Bidder at DealDash?

The first thing you should know about Power Bidders at DealDash is that they can be beat.  They think they are untouchable, but that’s simply not true.  The statistics won’t allow them to win them all, so that means that they will lose some, and those are the bidders that players like you and I will beat! We just have to be in the right place ant the right time.

Power Bidders are usually defined as players who bid endlessly, they chronically over bid, pay too much for items and jump in late to auctions.  Let’s talk about the latter first, the late jumper, what I’ve found about this “power bidder” is that they actually don’t have a lot of bids and the reason they jumped is because they only have 100-200 bids, they can be beat with 500 bids.  Just out last them.  The jumper may also have 1000 bids, so know the jumper, this takes a little time, but it’s worth keeping a list, you will soon know who the overbidders are.

A Power Bidder can also be defined as someone who spends copious amounts of money on bids, they don’t care if they are on sale, they just want to bid…they just want to beat you.  This is the fun stuff, trust me.   They can be beat and you will beat them.  Don’t worry, you will win!

These big spenders have a lot of money and they can spend it, seemingly frivolously.  Who knows what is really going on? All we know is they out spend us.  If you encounter one of these players at DealDash, you have to be true to yourself, if you know this guy has more money than brains, you should just concede and walk away.  You really, really have to learn how to walk away.  I used to lose bids not listening to this inner  voice that says, “you’re not winning this one” and just waste bids, now I let it go.  So what if someone else wins?  If I stayed in, who knows how long the auction would go with me and the one other guy,  perhaps days, depending on the item.

What I really want you to take away from this article is the the Power Bidder can be beat, you don’t need to fear them.  You do, however, need to be weary of them, be conscious of what they bid on.  If they are chronic “xyz” item, bid on the other thing….the “abc” item.  You will know what they are in a day or two of bidding.

DealDash is a fair and fun way to find everyday items, there really are no power bidders, there are however, people who win more because they spend more money.  Just bid within your means and you won’t be beat by the “power bidder”.  Tip: To defeat a “power bidder” use your free bids for Time As High Bidder to over bid, don’t pay for those bids, it’s better to buy the item and get your bids back.

See, you can be a Power Bidder too!  Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Where Ever You Go, Try DealDash First

More and more lately, I have been able to find every thing I ever need for a gift or for myself at DealDash.  When I first started playing, I didn’t care what I won.  Then, I started shopping, I only bid on items I really wanted, but I often overbid.  I have found that you don’t need to overbid to win at DealDash.

It’s so easy to win an item for less than $5, and this is how you do it.  If the auction doesn’t close by $5, back out, you didn’t get the deal you wanted.  That’s fun!  Now, go shop for another item.  The exception here is the Buy It Now option.  Let’s say you get heavily involved in an auction and you used hundreds of bids. You start to believe it would be better to buy it.   That’s a great idea!  DealDash will give you your bids used back if you buy an item.  So if you find yourself in the “I must win” frame of mind, rack up your BIN amount of bids and then buy it if you don’t win.

You can figure the Buy It Now number of bids by dividing the retail cost of the item, by the cost of bids that day.  For example, if you want to go for a $120 item and bids are .15 cents, this is your calculation. 120./.15=800.  So, you do not want to use more than 800 bids on the item.  You can buy the item at any time, so even if you get to 500 bids and you feel like you may not win, go ahead and buy it and you’ll be back in the game for a different item.  Tip: If an item is on the market and another one comes on the market, the second one often sells for less.

I don’t even go to any Malls at all anymore, I never liked them and now I have DealDash.  I can get every thing I need there in terms of gifts for sure.  I am already almost done with my Christmas shopping and it’s only September!  You will want to try DealDash before you go to the mall, save the money for gas, save the time on the road, save the hassle of traffic, and get on-line and shop at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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