Stay Tuned to Your DealDash

Some items at DealDash require more attention than others, overtime, you will be able to figure out which auctions you can “set it, and forget it” or you need to stay tuned and be involved.  I like the auctions that require you to stay tuned.  They are the faster moving items, usually the lower retail value, and it’s just fun to win at DealDash.

For now, you can follow these general tips to decide which items to go for to win quick and for a low retail.  First is popularity of item, you can determine this by the number of people in the auction. Simply open an individual auction and you can see how many players there are by the number of avatars, each one represents a player, the fewer the players, the better the odds of winning.  Get in on the DealDash auction very early incase it closes for a couple of pennies, and use your Bid Buddy even if you’re only putting in 10 bids.  If everyone else makes a mistake right out of the gate, you win!  How’s that for pay attention?

These items are generally everyday items that everyone already has, like jewelry, cologne, a pocket book, or a watch.  Other low retail items, especially in the toy category will sell low.  The exception in the toy category is the gaming system, they are very popular (although that is technology, it’s also a game, it fits both categories.

Price is also an important factor, usually the higher the retail value, the more players in the auction.  There are so many players who want the same items and when this happens, this is the auction where you can set it and forget it.  This is an auction which you expect to go on and on for hours or even days.  If it is an auction that is going on for days, be sure to load enough bids into your Bid Buddy for over night, and assume it will be down to you and one other person for awhile, you’ll want to add extra for those.  Tip: A lot of long lasting auctions will end in the wee hours of the morning because a player didn’t load up enough bids and fell asleep.

How long the item has been on the site often has some to do with the popularity.  I have found that new items, like today new, will sell low the first day on the site, but then as soon as it catches on, the item gets popular and everyone wants it, so the popularity goes high. Then it levels out, a lot of players have it and there are again, less players in the auction.

There are any number of other reasons to watch the auction you are in. For example, if there is a Bid Multiplier on free bids for your Time As High Bidder(TAHB) because if there is a stomper in the way, you don’t want to lose out on those free bids.  It’s better to walk away from the auction, there is always another one.  Check the list on the auction to see how often the item is offered, you can tell this by looking at the dates the item was last won.  If there are no dates, it’s most likely a new item.

So, low retail, keep an eye on it, high retail, set it and forget it.  It’s fun either way.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash: Stompers Do Not Win

Are you wondering what a “Stomper” is? If you are, you may be one!  There is a group of players at DealDash who “stomp” bids, and for no other apparent reason, they think they will win auctions that way.

There are a couple of reasons why people “stomp”. The main reason is they are a Newbie, the Newbie has no idea what opportunities they are losing by stomping each other bid.  First, they are overbidding.  They are spending 5 to ten times more bids to win than any other player.  They are also raising the price of the item by extending the final cost higher than it would have ended if it were just players using Bid Buddy.

Sadly, for the stomper, they are losing all those free bids for Time As High Bidder(TAHB).  DealDash offers free bids to every player every day just for bidding, but it’s based on how long your bid is out there.  If you stomp, you will be stomped back and that short bid for TAHB earns much less free bids.

Stomping is unsustainable, you can’t just keep stomping because you will soon be out of bids.  Then you’ll have to buy more and you’re in a vicious cycle, you stomp, you don’t get free bids, you pay more for items, you don’t win more often, you get stomped back, and you buy more bids.  This is not a pleasurable experience.  Using the Bid Buddy makes the experience so much more than just bidding.  You have to outwit the other players.  There is a strategy to playing, and stomping is not a reasonable part of it.

The other stomper is the seasoned player, they are doing to try to scare people away and to be mean.  It’s not fair play as stomping spoils the game.  But the “old timer” stomper gets theirs too.  Usually a newbie won’t be scared away, and they will just stomp back, that creates some hostility between the bidders and they just stomp each other.  Tip: Sometimes I just put in a dozen bids during this frenzy and sit back and watch, because the one who wins will most likely be someone using their Bid Buddy.

So, if you think you might be a stomper and didn’t realize how much opportunity you were missing out on, or if you are a seasoned player stomping up a storm, just remember, Bid Buddy usually prevails!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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The Social Scene at DealDash

So, you’ve been poking around the DealDash site for sometime, and you’re branching out for information to help you win.  There is a lot of information you could find on the internet.  I started just searching the web, but what I found was these aren’t people who know the site.  I vowed to make my own decisions about bidding at DealDash, and I found the DealDash blogs to be the most helpful.  There are some really good tips and that’s like money in the bank!

As well, the Social Scene at DealDash is alive and well, and on the DealDash Facebook page you can see actual players who’ve really won prizes!   There, players share what they won and how much they paid for it.  You can see their smiles and track wins of other players.  It’s an anonymous system, what ever your name is on Facebook is what the players see.  No ones username is revealed…..that is, unless you want to.

DealDash even rewards players with free bids for sharing photos of their wins.  All you need to do to claim the free bids is to snap a photo of you with your win, you can post up to once a week and earn up to 350 bids for your photo.  The number of free bids is determined by the retail value of the prize you won.   If your win is less than $99, you will receive 30 free bids,  $99-$198 is 225 free bids, and $199 and up you will receive 350 free bids.  One player a week will also win 1000 for the “Best Photo of the Week” contest.  Each Monday they post the win on the Facebook page.  They also post it on the DealDash main page, where you’ll find it at the bottom of the page listed with the blogs.

Make the picture entertaining, they really like a “bust” type shot with the item front and center.  It helps if you smile!  They also like it when you have the item in use.  Take a clear, non-blurry picture.  Try not to use a flash if possible.  If your item is really big, try to get the whole item in the photo from a distance.

Here is a great example of what makes a winning photo.

The Facebook Page is a fun place to see other people, but DealDash also uses the page to place articles about current events, or to talk about the brands they carry.  A place to get inspirational quotes and find human interest stories.  DealDashes Facebook page has real-time reviews by everyday players.  Where you can share your winning experience or voice any concerns and see real-time solutions.  DealDash reaches out to many players daily who comment and it’s a truly interactive experience.

Go to the DealDash Facebook page and “like” it!  Join the fun and post your wins for free bids!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Pay Attention to the Technology at DealDash

If you’ve seen the television commercials for DealDash, and who hasn’t? Then you know that you can win a tablet for less than $10, and it says in the commercial, “not typical results”.  Lately, I’ve been thinking if winning a tablet, my husband needs a new one.  So I’ve been watching the auctions, and what I’ve seen is it can be typical results because they sell for less than $50 all the time, there is always one or more tablets on the site for sale, and they do go for low prices. Not every one, but a good amount of them.

They have a great variety of tablets, in all different sizes and brands.  They carry everyones favorite.  Now I start my research for the correct one for us, the shopping is half the fun.  When I find a tablet that I like, I will set the “Alert Me” tab which is found in the individual auction.  You’ll find it right below the Bid Buddy.  This tab will have DealDash send you an email three days before the auction starts, they will send you another one a day earlier and one just before it starts.  It’s a perfect trilogy of notifications, it gives you time to plan to get the lowest price bids over the next few days, and make your purchase then.

Planning is so important.  Sure, you can show up at DealDash and win a bunch of items you like for yourself or family or friends.  But, when you really need something, it’s best to plan, the best time to bid, the right sale to suit your needs.  Who is in the auction? All this information will help you win and make you a better player.

I will say I was pleasantly surprised to see how reasonable all the tablets go for at DealDash.  It’s all fair, and if you don’t win it, you still have the option to purchase the item with the DealDash bid back promise.  If you Buy It Now, known as binning or BIN, you are given your bids back.  DealDash never wants any player to go away empty-handed.  So any auction you bid in comes with the BIN promise.

So seek out your favorite tablet, your best time and get your bids on sale.  Tip: go to the DealDash Facebook page to see what sales are current.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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The Seasoned Player at DealDash

The seasoned player at DealDash is a cunning, experienced player.  They know their way around the site, and they aren’t afraid to bid.  They know when to bid and who to bid against.  Well, this information is at the tip of your fingers and you can use the site to improve your game.

First, don’t start by banging bids around the site, this is called “stomping”  if you bid randomly on items you waste bids and pay too much for an item,  most seasons pros won’t do this, I say most because some will do it as if they just got there. They probably don’t spend much time on the site, or I’ve seen them only bid on extremely popular items this way.

As soon as you get to the DealDash site, check the “Winner’s List” this is the quickest way to see who is in the field right now.  You will see who has won and how many items they have won.  If there is one player winning a lot, try bidding on the same item after they have won it.  They can only win it once a week and won’t be back for at least that long.

You will become a seasoned player over time, until then, watch the players who win a lot.  If you can compete with a lot of bids, try it.  They make mistakes too.  If a player is seeming to place more bids than an item is worth, they could either be “big spenders” or they won their bids and with no cost they find overbidding to be acceptable.  This activity is done mostly during the “Free Wins” sale, many players will come and go.  Tip: Don’t get into a “Must win at all costs” frenzy during a Free Wins sale, especially with someone who has been on the site for several years.  I don’t like to see those players win all the time, so I don’t always leave, but if I know that they are just going to bid, bid, bid me out of the park, I may leave, at least I still have my bids.  You can always go back later, maybe they left or used all their bids.

The newer the player you are at DealDash, the fewer auctions you should be involved with. Bidding in every auction on the site is a seasoned players trait, but I don’t mind because they are spreading themselves too thin and bidding in too many auctions at once increases the chance that they will make a mistake.

As you can see, flipping around the site is important, you will become a seasoned player sooner if you do this.  Check your bidding history, see what your bidding habits are, does it change if you bid on high value prizes or are you a lower value item seeker across the board?

Make a list of the players, keep them in mind, put a little star next to the ones who play in all the auctions, you will see a pattern.  My best advice is to play around them.  They have been at DealDash for a long time for one reason….they are winners!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash: It’s Tailgate Season!

I absolutely  love this time of year in New England, the Autumn is cool and crisp, there is so much to do outdoors, and one of my favorite activities is Tailgating!  If I don’t go to the football stadium, I just host the football party.  DealDash has  great items to help serve up the greatest of events either way.

You can’t even pack the car without packing the cooler first and DealDash has a couple of coolers and you can usually find one on sale at least once a week.  They are popular items, and a lot of fun to try and win.  I’ve won one, but there is a new Aluminum one that I’m really interested in, go in and check it out!

Every Football party has to have burgers or sliders.  You need the BBQ chicken and veggie skewers.  It’s all good when you win a grill from DealDash, I’ve won a grill a few times always under $10, my family loves them!  They are small, but are perfect for packing in the car.

There are slow cookers to put the beans in and you can even make a baked ziti, it just depends on how warm or cold it is outdoors.  I love to bring on the comfort food when it’s chilly.  If it’s warm, I’m beans and cole slaw all the way!

DealDash has recognized how popular these items are and have offered a great deal by offering the grill nearly everyday.  The coolers vary in offerings.  This is why planning at DealDash is so important.  You need to shop more than you bid.  Always bookmark your favorite items, and be sure to hit the “Alert Me” tab in the individual auction or when you search an item that may not be on the market yet.

Each time you place an item in the “Alert Me” tab you increase your chances of winning.  I have won so many items over my nearly three years by simply showing up at the auction before anyone else and using Bid Buddy.

They also have the necessary portable picnic table, this item goes on the market about once a month, so you really need to plan for this one too.  Planning is important at DealDash, but having fun is too, so keep your eye on the ball, literally a football, they are much easier to win and come on the market frequently.  They carry a nice variety of sport balls and I see them go for pennies all the time.

So, when you’re planning to go to a Football Tailgate party, don’t forget to see what cool and interesting items you can find to help you throw the best party in the lot!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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DealDash Dashboard Has the Answers

When bidding at DealDash there are a few things you can do using your Dashboard to help you win more auctions.  The Dashboard has useful information which gives you insight into your past bidding.  Use this information to make you a better player.  Along with the winning tips, there is information to help you keep organized as a player.

To find your Dashboard all you have to do is click the “My Dashboard” at the top of the Main page.  Here you will be brought to your Dashboard.  The information right on top is your current wins.  When you win, your item rests atop the page and awaits your payment.

Just below that is a list of your current open auctions.  I use this as a short cut to the auctions, here you will see how many bids you placed on and item and how many bids are left in your Bid Buddy.  Bid Buddy is the best way to win an auction, it bids for you while you shop for other items.

Below that is your Buy It Now open options.  The BIN option occurs when you play in an auction and decide to purchase the item, either you want to back out, or you’ve reached the BIN amount of bids, which means you’ve spent the value of the item on bids, if this happens and you purchase the item, you will get all those bids back!  As long as you didn’t win it.  If you won, great! But if you didn’t there is Binning.  These opportunities are open for one week after the auction closes.

Then, there is a list to the left of the page that has a wealth of information to help you think, remember and research.  The list contains the following information:

  • My Dashboard
  • Public Profile
  • Buy It Now History
  • Won Auctions
  • My Orders
  • Account Details
  • Bookmarked Auctions
  • Contact Support

Your Public Profile is where you choose a personal avatar, and place a comment into your profile.  Your comment is just a little something about yourself or some will use this space to try to make others believe they won’t give up, or they have a lot of bids.  There are as many comments as there are players at DealDash, some are funny, some tease and some use quotes.  Choose a style that’s best for you and use it to your advantage.  One common statement is “In it to win it” or “Win or BIN, I’m in!”   You can also use this space to throw players off your trail, like “I’ll never leave”.  It’s always good to have a comment that you won’t mind reading over and over because you will see it every time a bid is placed by you.

Your “Bookmarks” are a very important feature to help you win. Here is where I keep all the items I plan on getting involved with.  I put the item on on Bookmark by clicking the item on the main page.  There is a little white star on the corner of the auction, click that, it turns yellow and it’s on your list.  Simply by showing up to an auction the second it starts is the best way to win.  If everyone is asleep at the wheel you could essentially win the item for just a few pennies.  That is always fun!

Use the features DealDash has in place to help you win.  These are a couple of my favorite features, and you can use this information to help you win too!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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Bid Buddy Has What You Need at DealDash

DealDash offers a special feature designed to help us win more auctions and it also has the power to give us free bids!  It the wonderful Bid Buddy!  The Bid Buddy is an automatic system of bidding created and provided by DealDash.

It’s a clever way to add the “fair” to their slogan “Fair and Honest Bidding Site”.  By using a Bid Buddy you will only use the number of bids required in order of when you entered the auction.  For example.  Let’s say there are 5 players, and you are using a Bid Buddy, you will only use one bid per round, and Bid Buddy is there to place a bid if someone backs out.  If you don’t use Bid Buddy and instead bid manually, you are placing a bid between each player and this wastes bids because for the same round you will use 6 or 7 bids and everyone else’s one bid.  So you will essentially pay more for the item by using too many bids.  That constant manual bidding also drives up the price, so Bid Buddy helps keep the final price low.

Perhaps the most glorious of this feature is the free bids!  You don’t have to use Bid Buddy to get free bids, you only have to bid, you’ll get them, but if you use Bid Buddy you are assured the full 10 seconds between each players bid.  That time is what clocks up your free bids.  The Free Bid Meter is engaged every time you place a bid and if you are bidding manually chances are there will be another player who will “stomp” on you time.  This is a sad waste of free bids, but some players just can’t resist. It’s usually “Newbies” who do it, they just don’t know how valuable the Bid Buddy is yet, and they may not even know about it.

I didn’t use the Bid Buddy the first few days, but that was so long ago.  Today, I won’t even place one bid without using it….well, I do once in awhile just until I open the auction to place the bids in Bid Buddy.  Even if I’m only using 10 bids, I use it.

So, how do you use it?  You find the auction you wish to join on the main page.  Click the item and the auction will open.  When you get inside, directly in the center of the page there is a space where you place your cursor and click.   Then add the appropriate number of bids and hit “Book Bid Buddy”  This will engage your bids in the auction and all you need to do is keep an eye on it while the auction runs.  Then you hope yours is the last bid.  You can add more bids anytime using the same method and you can also cancel the Bid Buddy at any time.

Use your Bid Buddy all the time, it saves money and helps keep the final price down.  It’s easy to use, saves bids, and defiantly helps you win more auctions.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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