Tweens Gift-Rescue Delivered By Christmas at DealDash!

If you have a 9, 10, 11 or 12 year old on your list, you have a “Tween”; They are too old for kiddie toys, and not quite ready for the teen stuff.  They are the age in- between. Tweens are a difficult age group to buy for.  DealDash always offers free shipping, and that alone can save you hundreds with your on-line shopping.   
I spent some time checking to see if DealDash has what it takes to fulfill the wants and needs on a Tweens list.  In fact, they have added a nice variety of items the Tweens on your list will love.  I was pleased to find these great gifts that have a guaranteed delivery by Christmas.   dd guitar tweens
The Silverstone Electic Guitar is atop every rising rock stars list. It has everything a young musician would need to get started including the guitar with a case, an amplifier, strap, instructions and some accessories.  It’s never too early to get them started on music.  My children started at the age of five playing piano, and I have never  regretted it.  Today both of my adult children play several instruments, and one sings too! They came to me with the wish to play piano, seeing an ad for piano lessons…how could I deny that, reading and wanting to play an instrument?  Today, anything that might get them away from the computer for some time is a great thing.
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When bidding on an item such as the guitar, one way to conserve bids is to stay focused on the one item.  First, purchase enough bids to pay full retail for the item, for this guitar that would be around 1000.  Plan on using all of those bids, but the good news is the average final price of the guitar is around $20.00!  Chances are very good with patience and perseverance you can win this item and if you don’t… purchase it and get your bids back to try for the next item.  Another great tip; Don’t bid on anything but the guitar! My motto, Set it and forget it!
     During the holidays it’s always a great idea to have a Chess board aroudd checkers tweennd because there is something magical about watching a grandparent teach a young person how to play.  This set has a Classic Collection of games including Chess, Checkers and Dominoes.  This item will be best won with about 650 bids,   that is the cut off before you own it without winning, but the good news, again, at DealDash this item has an average final price around $14.00, so most people who have won this have saved around 85%.  Stay focused on only the games and bid on nothing else until you win or BIN (Buy It Now, paying retail for an item).  Please use your Bid Buddy, or you are going to be disappointed with yourself if you just slam your bids away and don’t win, at least if you used your Bid Buddy, you have gained the free bids for bidding.  When you stomp on other players you get a bad reputation, and you might not think that matters, but it does and over the long haul, it’s best to have let someone win than throwing away your bid budget.  
You will never go wrong getting a Tween their own iPad.  Children today are younger and younger when they get their first technology,  I saw a 10 month old baby at the grocery store the other day playing with an iPhone, the manual dexterity of little ones today just astounds me.  The average selling price of this item fluctuates because it’s very popular and there are a lot of factors in knowing how many bids to place or how long to stay in an auction. These things you’ll learn over time, who’s in the auction, how many people are actively bidding, etc. 
 Having your Tween on their own iPad saves them using yours because they’ll want to use it just when you need to get a recipe or do some chatting with a friend!  
dd ipad tween
Lastly, this week at DealDash for every bid you place they will give you free bids with a multiplier.  Check out DealDash everyday this week to get your free bids while you do your holiday shopping.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

It’s Not Too Late At DealDash!

So you are not done with your Christmas Shopping? Well, it isn’t too late to place some bids for great gifts at DealDash!  DealDash has a guaranteed delivery by Christmas of many products during their “Order now & Get it by Christmas – Pay for your item today, get it by Christmas” Sale.
You have looked everywhere for the right gift and with no luck, you finally turn to DealDash.  This is the most fun you will have Christmas Shopping all season.  DD has the right items and the right retail prices.  Keep in mind this simple formula while you are bidding for Christmas gift.
First, go for a gift you can afford, don’t try to win the “big prize” and let yourself get disappointed if you lose.  When you bid on an item in your budget, for example, say on a $35.00 item, simply divide the price of the item by the price of bids.  35.00/14 = 250 bids.  Place the 250 bids on the item, and don’t place any more.  Once you win, you take your win and your left over bids and try for another item. BUT, if you don’t win, you’ve spent only what the item is valued at, but you have no item.  Now, purchase the item at full retail and you will get all your bids back.
This strategy is essential to your continuing to play.  You now have your item because you bought it and you have those same 250 bids to go for the next item.  This is not the time to be parlaying your bids for exchange, this is the time to stay focused on the prize.  Bid on only items you actually want.  Don’t go for bid pack now either, just buy the bids and stay focused.
This sale at Deal Dash is phenomenal! For the next five days at DealDash you will earn free bids with a multiplier.  During this period DD will give you even more free bids for every bid you bid giving you even more bidding power.   Starting December 15, 2015 your item is guaranteed delivery plus you get an extra gift from DealDash…lot’s of free bids!
Don’t fret over going to the mall when you can shop at Deal Dash right in your own home, have fun doing it and earn free bids for a gift for yourself!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!

Get Your Bids Back At DealDash!

DealDash does everything possible to make it easy for their players to win, but there is no guarantee  you are going to win.  It’s the nature of the beast.  You’re thinking for all the bids you entered, you should have won but you just didn’t.  You have hit the wall!  This is the time to reevaluate your playing strategy.
This is the first time you hit the wall, and you don’t like it!  I don’t like it either, but what I’ve learned is you can’t win them all, in fact, if you win 25% of the auctions you enter, you are doing pretty well.  If you aren’t winning 1 in four, then it’s time to rethink your the way you place bids.  If you are poking one bid into a bunch of auctions with the thought of returning later but don’t, take a look at how many of those “one bid” you place, they add up and distract from your success rate.
It really doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, today is all that matters. Take a deep breath because a “loosing streak” could last days!  It happens to every one.   Now, after thousands and thousands of bids, I realize I was the problem!  I get in my own way once in a while, I can’t help it. I just revert back to a “newbie” way of bidding and then scratch my head….what?!
So, what did I do wrong?  Number one mistake, not planning ahead.  You can shop for hours and days ahead of time, yet occasionally I will just jump right in without paying attention to what is coming on the market and who is in the auction?  Then suddenly, I realize after I have placed 200 bids “xyz” is playing and he’s always over bidding!!! I’m not doing my homework!   I call this “Bid- Crazy”, you can easily get bid crazy and not even realize it until 500 bids are gone! Don’t let this happen!  Get a hold of yourself.  Step away from the computer or phone.  Now, take your time to shop, after all , that’s why you are here!  It takes patience to win and you really need to pace yourself.
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Now, you have a grip, come back and take a look at the field, you know what to look for, who is playing? What are prizes going for? Who’s at their limit? How long has the auction been running? You can do this!
Ok, now you have all your ducks in a row, go ahead and bid! Decide not to fall into the traps, 1. you can’t stand this player, you’re going to beat the pants of them, you will overbid instead of walk away. 2. You thought this was going to be an easy win and then after 200 bids you still have not won…you should have walked away but you let the win rule you. 3.  You have a ton of bids so you place them on your favorite item and then went on to other auctions, suddenly the auction ended and you lost, the other guy won because he was  paying attention, you weren’t. It’s that simple.  Do no over extend yourself.
So just when you thought you had this down-pat you started losing, reevaluate your strategy, and pay attention to your auction, I can not stress how important that is.  You have won many auctions before and you will win them again and again!
Fortunately, DealDash has a generous reward system in place, if you don’t win an auction, you can purchase the item and get ALL of your bids back! Not only that, every bid you place adds to the timer on a reward- for- bidding meter.  So no matter what you have a parachute at DealDash!
Happy Bidding!!!

DealDash Epic Wins, Few Bids!

If you’ve ever wondered why the “power bidders” win a lot, it’s because they are prepared to do battle.  Getting to know the DealDash Site is one of the best ways to prepare for battle.  First, be serious about bidding but have fun doing it.  I make a list of the people I want to keep an eye on, and I always use the tab “Who’s At Their Limit”, it costs one bid, but it can give you some insight into who may dominate a auction.  It’s found on your Dashboard in the left hand column.
Check the stats of the site when you want to get started.  Watch the winners list so you know who won the big bid pack recently.  When using the winners list to examine the field, the lower the final sale price, the shorter the auction.  So if some one just won an 800 bid pack for .48 cents, they just place those bids, but if it sold for $24.00 it’s been running a while.
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It takes some time to get to know the DealDash site in detail, so the more you play the more you know.  You start by having fun, you come and go in auctions, but now you want to win, and the power bidders are serious about winning and some will do it at all costs.  Everyone is on the site is there for the same reason, to find great deals.
I have fought my way through many battles, but it’s also part of the allure for me.  In any event, I still love winning! However you get there, it’s all about the ride! Be sure to check the stats when you get there, who’s winning, for what price and Who’s At Their Limit? Knowing these facts will help  you win more auctions for less bids.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

How to Pick a Quality Camera

This inquiry could most ideal be addressed if you recognize the reasonable severity of embarking on a hobby like photography. If you decide to start photography, let me recommend you going to check out DealDash and see the awesome deals they have on digital cameras of all types.
As for cameras, sporting a huge and also expensive digital camera is everybody’s idea of photography and many times while outdoors or on a vacation, you see the appreciative glimpses going in the direction of somebody taking pictures with a zoom lens, quite the expert so to appear.
Photography is a leisure activity with dedication and also needs a specific degree of proficiency and understanding about the devices as well as uses as well as its situational applications. Acquiring an electronic camera just considering that it looks ‘top of the list’ is not the best method when deciding on a purchase.

Here again, there are some extremely severe factors to consider to apply

  1. Transportability and Weight

Bigger is not necessarily better! When buying an electronic camera, one of the most crucial element to recognize is that the dimension of the electronic camera is not consistently proportional to imagine quality; for that reason going to an excellent site that has various dimension options in addition to brands and features to pick from is the very best alternative. DealDash has all sorts, sizes and types of cameras along with handy carrying cases.
OK, while at the site, give yourself time to ask questions concerning the brand names and items you like, get the aid of the shop team to really feel the camera, lug it around a bit,  look through the lens to see how the camera really feels in your hands and also the convenience degree it brings. If you are merely an ‘shoot and click’ digital photographer who lugs a cam just for holidays and vacations, then among the compact electronic camera systems is good enough.

  1. Pixels and also Sensor

In a digital cam, pictures are recorded on a piece of electrical film called a sensing unit. A sensing unit is equipped with pixels, which are small components that grab fine specifics off the topic of the photo. Unlike public opinion, even more pixels do not equate into better images; often they can be grainy. It relies on the maker’s capability, to be a lot more certain, on the digital designer putting together the cam to identify just the amount of pixels can be made to suit on a sensor. Mostly, small electronic cameras are suited with little sensing units; thus the pixels are additionally little. In contrast, DSLR (Digital Solitary Reflex Camera) electronic cameras have bigger sensing units as well as consequently the pixels do not need to be made very small.
These are a few of the better technological facets of camera being purchased, therefore it is essential to ask for professional and experienced insight before venturing into purchasing one.

  1. Lens Variety and Zoom

Here again, these functions are much more appropriate for serious photography. Compact cams included dealt with lens arrays as well as will supply sufficient photography capacity for much less severe activities.
When acquiring a high-end cam, it is essential to see exactly what the lens as well as zoom settings translate to, the plain numbers do not mean anything to an amateur photographer. And also of course, with small system cams as well as DSLRs the alternatives of buying add-on lenses could affect the expense of the devices you had originally planned to acquire. It’s plainly no enjoyable if you wind up having a camera body then figuring out that the lens that goes with it could simply run out reach of your pocket! OK, all you want to do now is head on in to DealDash and start bidding on some awesome digital cameras and accessories.

Tips for Shopping this Christmas Season

As the season quickly comes close to, additional jobs will be added to your routine, and also shopping for presents is among them. Below DealDash is sharing some Xmas purchasing tips for hectic lives and busy individuals to assist you in maximizing your time. Before you begin getting online as well as checking out numerous shops, make a list of individuals who you will certainly be purchasing presents for. This will certainly allow you to be organized and prepared to shop. It is not generally effective to search for a product without having an idea of who you are shopping for or what you want.
When you have the listing of those that you will be trading gifts, the 1st step is to determine just how much you will certainly invest in each present. You will certainly conserve a bunch of time if you have an investing limitation before you begin going shopping since you will certainly not lose time taking a look at things that run out that price range. If you have exchanges with numerous family and friends at one occasion, recommend a present exchange this year. It will save you time and money if you are needed to acquire fewer gifts. If no person has ever before suggested a present exchange previously, you may locate the idea to be an invited one. Either way you can find serious discounts on presents at The fact is though that most grownups are fine with not receiving a large number of presents, and also you may be able to enhance the investing limit if there is one. Think of a couple of options for gifts to give a specific person prior to you actually start buying, as well as you will certainly find the expeditions go faster because you are prepared.
Shopping online is a substantial time saver, as well as you can usually find special motivations such as cost-free shipping or gift wrap. Numerous retail stores likewise provide free gift wrap for things you buy from them. If you make the most of this you will have the ability to cross that frantic last minute gift wrapping job from your listing. Probably you could seek out a regional charity who wraps presents for a donation, and also the proceeds aid those in need throughout this season of offering.
Choose to provide every adult the very same thing. This de-clutters your to do checklist in a very impressive means. If you discover an one-of-a-kind item which everybody could utilize, buy wholesale as well as cross them off of your checklist. This will certainly include time back right into your day in one fell swoop.
Shop early due to the fact that the nearer it is to Xmas, there can be concerns with receiving delivered items in time or the items can be out of stock (in stores or online). This is an excellent reason to go shopping early if you are visiting the physical shops. Long lines as well as jam-packed stores do not fit well into a busy timetable, and also you intend to maintain the vacation spirit throughout the period. To make things easier, just go to DealDash and see what type of items you can find to be used as Christmas gifts, you may even see one or two gifts for yourself while there.

How to Start a Family Game Night From DealDash

Despite the dimensions of your household, video games and board games are an excellent method to reinforce the family unit. DealDash always has a ton of the hottest games on the market at incredible prices. Because whether it’s the two of you playing a pleasant board game like chess or a marathon ten-player bridge tournament, family games bring us closer with each other and enable us a secure space to challenge each other. No matter the end result of the games being played itself, everybody is a champion when households play with each other.

Choose Your Contest

Scheduling a family style game during the evening is simple. Simply choose a day that everyone can collaborate and be available. Your initial step will be picking a game. The optimal ready picked game should be something that everyone likes to play. Make sure it’s a game that allows for various ages and skill levels, as well as something you can play over and over. Gaming of thought and strategy are a superb option, particularly when you might want to help wind down more youthful kids prior to going to bed. DealDash has a lot of different board games you can get, both old and new and for a really great price as well.
Among the oldest standard parlor game is chess. This old world game goes back to the 15th century and its past history and variations of games types is the perfect supply of possibility for lots of remarkable lessons and conversations. Most significantly, it’s a terrific means to hang out, discovering as well as playing together. Chess educates abilities that will last a lifetime, such as persistence, self-control, concentration as well as strategizing. If you as well as your family don’t yet understand the best ways to play chess, that’s fine also – learning the policies together is an additional way to spend time.
You could possibly spend a life time understanding the game, as many homeowners do; however within a few hrs. and a collection of basic directions – included with many commercially-available boards – even kids could quickly grasp the rudiments. The raising intricacy of the game is in fact part of the fun; the much more you play, the more opportunities you will certainly see, making chess possibly the utmost game for replay appreciate.

Obtaining Outfitted

As soon as you’ve chosen the best game, you’ll require a board and also items. There is a shocking array of different chess board ranges, both in vogue and also in materials they are made with. Do not get overwhelmed. After all, a basic plastic established offers the exact same game experience as an expensive enthusiast’s version. At the same time, keep in mind that this is a long time gaming routine that might last a lifetime; in the long run, it’s ideal to opt for a sturdy board as well as items that suit your tastes. So indulge on your own; select a set that interest you, be it a “timeless” chess collection, elaborate themed pieces, or even that collector’s edition. This is a financial investment that will certainly withstand. Check out the chess sets on DealDash for awesome prices when won at auction.

Naturally, no one plays a game alone. Think about the preferences of your gaming partners, as well. For instance, younger kids might enjoy a chess set with a fantasy theme.

To maintain your family video game and keep it fresh and enjoyable and also amazing, invest intelligently to include a little range. Multi-game sets will certainly provide boards and also pieces for a variety of classic parlor games, including chess, checkers, as well as backgammon. As well as do not forget the furnishings! While you could constantly play a game at the cooking area table, specialized gaming tables offer a touch of style, making family members game evening feel like the really special occasion that it is. A classic eco-friendly baize or leather-topped card table, or a chess table decorated with the board pattern in abundant hardwoods, adds best part and worth to any type of setting.
So there you have it, family night ideas focused around Chess. The best thing you can do now that you know how to plan and organize this night is to head on in to DealDash and see what board games you can pick up for you and your family.

Safety First With DealDash and Tools

Despite the sort of construction you are associated with whether a full bore construction website or a moderate home improvement task, there is always a risk of accidents occurring and DealDash wants to keep you happy. Inappropriate use of any sort of tool is the major cause of injury and even death. Many circumstances run into in day to day life do not hold the very same danger to physical body as well as life, that inappropriate usage of Power Tools can cause.

One of one of the most beneficial of devices for almost any type of job is the Power saw, or circular saw, extremely reliable when used correctly.

Regardless of what type of job you are dealing with it is challenging to locate a more functional as well as helpful device than the power saw. Accidents happen sometimes when focus is either focused in one location and also omitting surrounding prospective dangers or being in way too much of a hurry. It is simple to concentrate intently on the reducing location and disregarding possible injuries or harm that may occur under the work surface area. Of course, just what takes place next, the event concerned proceeds to sever a chunk right into his leg, via the cable or with a finger or thumb. Constantly take a look at the larger picture. Check out the entire area you are operating in and also try to prepare for any kind of potential problems, then remain aware of any kind of modifications in your workspace. As they state, Measure twice reduced once as well as regard to all details. Make sure you on in to DealDash and see what type of tools you can find as well as other home improvement items.
Power Nailers: Commonly called nail guns, these are excellent devices and could once more save a substantial quantity of energy and also time doing any sort of repair.
Nail Guns are very powerful and harmful when in use. The simplicity of use when taking into consideration a standard hammer is a wonderful advantage. Nail Guns have the possible to be used as weapons. The nailers should be dealt with specifically as weapons and need to never be pointed in an instructions that could cause injury. Ensure you don’t discharge till you are prepared. Never ever aim your Power Nailer anywhere yet the location you are applying the nail.
Lots of Power Tools can be powered or driven by Air Compressors. Similar to any sort of Power source wrong use of the Air Compressor can trigger severe injury. Routine maintenance is needed for optimum and also safe operation for all equipment consisting of Air Compressors. The Conclusion you should pertain to if you observe any type of wear is to service your devices before utilizing them. Never try to utilize a product in a way inconsistent with Manufacturers Safety and security Guidelines.
For outdoor repairs at ranches, constructions sites as well as big lawns the Backhoe is a flexible and important property. Whether big or little variations the backhoe can be a really hazardous item.

Keep Safety and security in Mind

Any kind of failure in these complex machines, from a leaking hydraulic line to a corroded screw on a chassis or an irresponsible or untrained controller can make a accident fatal. Power Tools must be appreciated as possibly dangerous tools with every interest offered to avoiding injury. Make sure you are not thinking you are in control as the devices can conveniently “get away” from its controllers. And now head on in to DealDash and see what type of items you can find four home improvement projects, including tools!