DealDash Tips: Host Gifts, It’s Almost 2016

If you have a party to go to or a party to host, you will need a host gift or a door prize.  It’s a wonderful tradition to thank the hosts for their time and energy with a small gift.  DealDash has a whimsical selection of gift items that would make perfect Host Gift or Door Prize.  You will find, cutting boards, pie servers, wine glasses.  There are carafes, butcher knives, candles and beautiful home decor. There are so many great deals happening right now at it’s a super time to make good use of a small bid pack.  Small gift items generally are easier to win as most players are working on the big items that take hours and days.  
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Purchase just enough bids to pay retail for the item and stack them up on your favorite Gift Basket or small gift. If the item is $30.00, you’ll want about 200 bids, if you don’t win it, you can “Buy It Now” (BIN) and get your 200 bids back to play for another item.  You can also keep bids in your bank at DealDash, they never expire. 
I’ve won a dozen or more small appliances for my kitchen and as gifts, and every auction has a low final price.  Realistically, you can’t win them all, but there is a good chance when you bid small.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

New Year’s Sales At DealDash!

DealDash loves to celebrate all holidays with amazing sales and this week is no exception!  This Wed. the 30th bids are on sale for only .13 cents and 100 auctions will start at exactly 3PM, plus you will get 50% off the final selling price, so if your auctions is won at $4.00 you pay only $2.00.  
When 100 auctions start at once there is a frenzy of bidding, carefully select your items to bid on before the auction starts, bookmark it by placing a yellow star on the auction.  Don’t spread yourself too thin, I’ve done this and it is one way to quickly gobble up your bids.  Choose wisely a number of auctions you feel comfortable managing, and set the Bid Buddy!  Knowing the competition always helps, so keep track of who’s bidding and how they bid, do they come early and stay late? do they bid once and return after $5, this type of information is helpful to winning auctions. 
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Thursday, New Year’s Eve bids are only .12 cents and there are no new bidders after $2.00!  Deal Dash has a policy that blocks new players to enter an auction and usually it’s no new bidders after $5.00 but this holiday Deal Dash is setting the bar at two dollars! When bids are .12 cents it’s a good time to load up a quantity of bids because you will get the most for the least…win, win. This sale continues on Friday New Year’s Day.
Make it your New Year’s Resolution to post your wins on the Deal Dash Facebook page, you will earn free bids for your effort, and you get to see the people you are bidding against, it’s fun and interesting!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

DealDash Tips: A Look At This Weeks Sales!

A Look At This Weeks Sales!     
So Christmas is over, the family has gone home, now what to do?…DealDash!  Here are some great reasons why.  Starting today and all this week at DealDash they will be offering great specials on overstocked items during their Christmas Clearance Sale.  You will be able to enjoy three times the free bids with the free bid multiplier of 3X.  The multiplier is applied to the free bid meter which tallies your time as high bidder, the timer keeps track and when you reach the next level you are rewarded with free bids in increasing denominations! But, hurry over to DealDash because the multiplier sale ends on the 30th of December
There will be 75 auctions starting at the same time on Sunday the 27th, 2015.  You could be one of the lucky winners who claims a prize for only a few cents.  This sale is set to start on Sunday at 3PM and will also have the three time multiplier to earn free bids, and on the 28th they are adding a 50% final sales price meaning the final price of auctions is 50% off the ending price.  You can save a bundle of money with the 50% final price sale. This sale will continue through the 29th when 50 auctions will start at 3PM.  On December 30th there will be 100 auctions starting at 3 PM another chance to get a prize for pennies. 
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On December 31 there will be a New Year’s Eve sale that we can enjoy, and it’s a  players favorite! The “No New Bidders After $2.00” sale, on any average day, DealDash stops any new bidders from joining the auction at $5.00, but on NYE it cut off is $2.00 while DealDash has End Of Year Clearance! That means a lot less players in the auction.  Bids will also be on sale at .12 cents! This combination of sales are a gift to us as the two dollar cut off is a rare and exciting sale.
When you want to find out about Deals at DealDash head over to their Facebook page, “like” it and “follow”, you will get notifications about upcoming events and see who’s winning what, these are post by everyday player like us sharing.  You can also tune into my blog and I will sum it up for you! Easy Peasy!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!

The Way to Win Online Auctions –

There is just one means to win at cent auctions sites like DealDash and that is by putting your personal bid in at precisely the right time. This could seem oversimplified, yet it’s true. The challenge is working out when the correct time is which is something many people mistake. The bottom line, however, is not to bid too early …
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Some individuals are so focused on winning public auctions that they will certainly bid numerous times done in an initiative to beat off the competitors. The regrettable truth to this strategy, nonetheless, is that by bidding process in this manner, you are not ensured to win.
Among one of the most fascinating declarations I have listened to relating to winning cent public auctions is that you need to be willing to be patient, if you intend to ensure a win. This is a high-risk technique but no one beneficial ever before got throughout the world without taking a few not so dangerous risks in life as well as the exact same is true when bidding in online public auctions.
In online auctions you have to know when to surrender, or else you risk shedding a bunch of your cash for nothing. There are constantly approaching be individuals available who are rigid competition as well as are undoubtedly old-timers at bidding, you merely have to pick your auctions very carefully as well as not become too emotional, for that is when errors are made. Attempt and also exercise that the newbies are in the bidding process world and take on them.
If you are serious about winning, do not drift around bidding on many public auctions. Concentrate on winning one by one. You also have to approve that there will certainly be losses and you will in some cases need to invest more money to win your item.
One point that many individuals never seem to inspect is their internet connection. This is utter insanity because if your link is sluggish; you are at a drawback right from the start. You also do not wish to bid against too many people, the even more individuals there are, the much less possibility you have of winning the public auction.
A significant method in a winning approach is also to know who you’re up against. Monitor the power prospective buyers who will always have proposals to discard, in addition to the new prospective buyers. This way, you recognize when it’s ideal to hand down an auction when it’s best to continue bidding since you recognize that you have a likelihood of winning.
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DealDash always wants to make sure all our friends have the best opportunity to win at an auction. Now that you have this info, we suggest you head on in to the DealDash website and see what you can find.

How to Bid on DealDash

Searching for one of the most effective penny auction websites? So are countless other people, luckily you’ve got DealDash which is one of the highest rated sites online. There is no denying that penny auction sites are taking the internet by storm. In my opinion it’s fair to claim that this can be mostly as a result of the immense cash saving offers. Considering that each site is different though, discovering one of the most appropriate penny auction websites like DealDash is not consistently an easy activity. As a result of this, it is vital that you pay attention to a few things, simply to ensure that you have a good encounter on the site. DealDash wants you to have the best time you can imagine.
The bid pack need is greater than likely the key points you ought to look into. I think you’ll find that the majority of penny auction sites will certainly need you to have a quote pack to get started. A credit rating is used whenever you put a bid, so the bid loads come in useful. Having a bid pack will let you do that quick and easy without needing to get a new credit every single time you want to either quote on a brand-new thing, or alter your bid for an auction that you are already associated with.
Another thing vital you could want to look at is what type of items are you looking for because it’s a good idea to perform multiple bids. You’ll notice that a variety of the sites you find are professionals in things such as electronic devices, whereas various other ones have more of a basic variety of products. DealDash has everything you can imagine and many items that are unique to the site.
It could be smart to invest a few minutes browsing the website to see whether it really public auctions the products you want, this will certainly aid narrow down the most effective penny auction websites for you. By doing this, you are making certain up front that the sort of items you have an interest in are offered.
With daily that passes, DealDash is one of the best sites for getting items at a great price and is getting more popular every day. It’s not difficult whatsoever to find those who have had wonderful experiences winning products on DealDash, paying just a small percent of exactly what the regular rate would have been. For lots of, this suggests that things which were when well out of the spending plan, are now easily achievable. Penny auctions in general are still a brand-new point to many, so any individual with a bid pack and a need to obtain some excellent products can do so.
If you keep a few of the important things that I talked about in mind while using DealDash, you will give yourself the opportunity to have a lot of enjoyable time as well as win some great products. Now head to the site and start bidding!

How to Win Using DealDash

DealDash is often going to be one the best spots to generate the most with your money. Any type or kind of items valued at around $500 are readily available on the site for under one hundred dollars. The opportunities are amazing, and can put people in high engagement mode. Because of this, it is a natural feeling for the level of competition inside these sites to get high. To achieve a benefit above the rivals, you ought to take a minute to establish a strategy prior to bidding on DealDash.
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You can great results by complying with 4 of the most effective points to observe whenever establishing a strategy for your adventure on DealDash.

  1. Target – Much like every other jobs, identifying one’s goal is vital. As a matter of fact, nobody gets to the destination without having firstly recognizing where the claimed location is. Whenever proactively playing in penny auctions, you should focus on the objective, whether it’s to become a laid-back gamer or a severe victor. Due to the fact that this might expand to be a practice gradually, you ought to handle the scenario and also uncover when you should put an end on the bidding process to stop huge losses in the long run.
  2. Examination – Because we remain in preschool, everybody have been ramming directly into our heads and young minds precisely how important it is to study. This actually is something useful as well as necessary regardless of if we are presently from college, also when merely taking care of penny auction sites online. It will certainly help to determine the bidding process styles of particular individuals to find out means and enter front of them when bidding process for the products one intends to possess.
  3. Details – In the same manner which business people are remembering of every offer to read more around long-term deals, it’s feasible to work with the information pertaining to the traits on bidding process times, customers, items and also similar additional factors. Every one of these could verify to be helpful with creating essential selections considering that every proposal produced actually sets you back money, despite exactly how little it may be.
  4. Emotions – Human as we are, it’s typical as well as easy to understand for all of us to get all mentally attached with certain issues concerning a game. This isn’t really truly beneficial when it comes to choosing on an individual’s quotes. The easiest approach to take advantage out of every bid is usually to be unbiased and very rational about it. Every action ought to be based upon goal as well as trustworthy details. Intestines may work for some individuals in some instances, yet they’re not necessarily reputable.

bid packs
Now that you have a good strategy,  plan and idea how DealDash works, you can head on into the site and start bidding. Make sure you have fun and give yourself time to learn properly.

Teen-Gift Rescue At DealDash!

If you want to be the best gift-giver to the teen-ager on your list, shop and play at DealDash!  You’re teens will be surprised with the greatest gifts and you get to have fun getting the gift.
No feeling could come close to seeing the smile on their face when they open their Xbox 500 Bundle!  Well, except the fireworks you see when you win a prize does come close. Right now at DealDash the prices for bids are below the average .15 cents, it’s a great time to stock up on bids for your holiday shopping, you buy your bundle of bids, and you win an Xbox…At least you hope to.  DealDash has a bid back guarantee, if you don’t land the Xbox as planned, purchase the item regular retail and you will receive all you bids used in the auction back to try for another gift.
teen instant camera
One of the newest and coolest trends right now is the Polaroid Instant Camera and DD has the Polaroid Instant Camera which takes a regular Polaroid  Photo and theSocialmatic Instant Digital Camera which makes a photo with a greeting element.  The Socialmatic has an Android Operating System with Wi-Fi it can do email, browse, and instant upload to social media.
teen inst camera
DealDash also carries a vast array of digital cameras.  They have cameras for every budget for the photo and social media enthusiast to the Budding Photographer.  Teens tend to be picky, but they know what they want.  You can’t go wrong with the selection at DD.  When you find an idea that appeals to you, write it down.  Then type your choices into the search bar at DealDash, your item will come up and you can then bookmark the item to top post it on your auction home page, if there isn’t one on sale in the next day or two there is a handy tool you an use and DD will remind you to show up at the auction. You then pop in load up your Bid Buddy and keep an eye on the competition.
teen laptop
What teen doesn’t want and need a laptop?  You will be able to choose from a variety of computer types and manufacturers.  The Dell Inspiron 5000 is a great mid priced computer that does everything the student needs and all want  to do.
If you have a teenager on your list, you will be pleased to find the selection and variety at DealDash.  I hope I gave you some great ideas for your teens, any one of these suggestions will blow them away, and you emerge victorious!
Good Luck & Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Christmas Day at DealDash!

This Christmas Day at DealDash there is a Featured Sale and you will be counting your lucky stars!  All the Christmas presents are open, the kids are occupied with their new toys, Grandpa is asleep on the couch, it’s time to DealDash!
On Friday December 25, we will all enjoy .12 cent bids, Free Wins, a 3X Multiplier for free bids AND 50 auctions start at 3PM.  This makes for a very Merry Christmas! The 50 prizes at once is so exciting! The first few seconds are hysterical, everyone is bidding frantically to win that one item.  I have noticed that when all the auctions start at once and everyone is bidding the first few auctions end are around .40 cents.
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Use the 3X Free Bids to your advantage, to stockpile bids! This is a good time to go for a big prize.  Most DealDashers will be with the family, especially very early Christmas morning, that will be the best time to load up bids on your favorite items and win! I will get up long before everyone else, place my bids and go about my morning.  When I come back I’ll hope to see some fireworks on my computer screen.  Just make sure you put more than enough bids on that one item incase you can’t make it back.
Of course knowing the competition is very helpful, but if you are going to walk away from the computer, it won’t matter very much.  You are going to just let it ride and enjoy the 3X free bids from DealDash.
DealDash has been very busy lately, all the new features on the web site making the playing experience more pleasant and the amazing amount of new items have driven many to play. That, and players tried other penny auction sites and now they are back because DealDash is the most fun easiest to win auction site.
If you haven’t been to DealDash lately, it’s time to give it a try again.  Christmas Day is a great day to win the big one.
“Good Luck and Happy Bidding”
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.