DealDash Tips to Decorating With Antiques

When it involves re-decorating the method your home, there are numerous appearances that can be accomplished. DealDash is about to introduce to a few of them in this article so pay attention and get excited. A preferred look is to provide your space a transformation making use of antiques as well as vintages from years past. Giving your area this sort of remodeling gives it a trendy as well as interesting look, so much to make sure that your whole room can be livened up. Nonetheless antiques can be expensive but if you are a little wise as well as recognize where to look for antiques and collectibles you could grab on your own some terrific bargains.
One of the very best areas to discover some collectibles at affordable rates is a vintages fair. Seeing an antiques fairs and  markets can be extremely rewarding indeed. If you have a qualified eye for antiques you will definitely discover something that is a collectible at a wonderful rate. DealDash is another place to get antique inspired furniture and other collectible items at a great price.
Consistently team things that are similar together. Whether your pick up of vintages contains timeless antique teddy bears or you have a compilation of unusual ceramic pieces, it is always recommended to team similar things with each other on a table, shelf or mantel piece. By arranging them through this you will certainly develop even more of an impact on your guests as opposed to having them spread regarding the space as well as your guests will actually realize you have actually not merely thrown things together without idea. Constantly differ the size of the objects as this makes them more fascinating to check out and will constantly be a focal point.
Attempt as well as recreate an era gone by If you are a serious collector of antiques and rare collectible things after that attempting to create a period in your area can be tough however enjoyable experience as it will certainly reveal simply how imaginative you are. Pick up some of the awesome leather furniture items on DealDash to give  a very authentic and antique feeling.
If you want to produce a Victorian look after that picture a Victorian space and concentrate on producing that look and also try as well as discover products that suit with that time. You will find some fantastic suggestions on the net, antiques publications and also basic houses and also garden publications, some will certainly also paint an area. Create the room on paper before setting out on filling the area with your vintages as if you do not get it right,  you simply throw away the paper and begin once again – a lot easier than relocating your furnishings around.antiques 3
Something old, something new , by blending vintages as well as antiques create an era gone by with vintages from contemporary offers your room an individual appearance that will really stand out to your visitors. To achieve this look shot and also find architectural antiques that look good, but anything old and also unusual will work a treat. An excellent instance is making use of family treasures that have actually been given.
Rotate your antiques and other furniture If your antiques collection consists of unusual and fantastic items and also you don’t have sufficient room. These are just some basic ideas on how to create some awesome décor using antiques, you can find  a lot of high-quality items on DealDash. Just head on in to the website and see what you can find for yourself.

The Best Time To Shop At DealDash

The best time to play at DealDash is whenever!  But really there are better times to shop than others.  The first thing to consider when you are going to bid, especially on a high value item, what sale is going on at DealDash, and how can I use that to my advantage? i.e. free bids, reduced priced bids, multiple auctions at once.
I always try to bid when there are Free Bid Sales, this is the meter that tallies the amount of time you have been bidding at DealDash, and they will reward you with free bids at increasing amounts and raise your player standing by 1 level.  For example this Black Friday November 27 DealDash will be rewarding every player 7 times the free bids than usual!  Seven Times! I’ve never seen that before, thanks DealDash!
Mornings are a great time to go for the kitchen appliances, home goods and low retail items.  The site is usually less crowded from 2AM until 7-8AM EST.  From 7-10 AM you can get lucky, but the whole country is waking up and racking up the bids.  I am one who will do this, get up and place a bunch of bids on something and then go about my day.
This Black Friday sale doesn’t stop at 7 times Free Bids, DealDash is also offering it’s lowest bid prices in 2015, .11 cents!!! Black Friday is a perfect day to stay home an Deal Dash because the malls will be crowded and you’ll use gasoline, you’ll have to eat some fast food, so jut stay home have a turkey sandwich and DASH!
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Of course, a really good time to shop at DealDash is a holiday like Thanksgiving, when everyone is out at Grandmas, you can place a bunch of bids, go eat some turkey and come back to your new prize!  One of the most interesting and exciting sales at DealDash is when they put 50- 100 items on the market at the same time, that increases your chances of winning an item for only pennies exponentially!  There is a wonderful opportunity to plan ahead if you know there will be this kind of sale, you can move forward on the sales schedule by clicking the pages at the bottom of the Auction Page. There are a lot of players during this sale, it is a frenzy of activity and many items go for just pennies, it’s so exciting!  This Black Friday, DealDash is going to have  150 Auctions begin at 2PM!!!!
Certain days of the week are better than others, so not only are holidays a good time to DealDash, I have found one day of the week that works best for my schedule and works for me.  You will find the best times to bid for you by trial.  The weekends are full of bidders, which sometimes can work in your favor.  Let’s say there is a very popular item, for some reason everyone wants this one, you go for the other item, the one everyone has overlooked, this is your best shot at an easy win.  But as always, be prepared to do battle, hope for the big win but be prepared to BIN.
It doesn’t matter which of the DealDash sales is your favorite, we are getting them all this Black Friday!  7 times the free bids, .11 cent bids the lowest price in 2015 and 150 items at once!  DealDash has really stepped it up with sale, it’s obviously them Thanking us for a great year.
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Bidding!!!!

DealDash Tips: Epic Wins, Few Bids!

If you’ve ever wondered why the “power bidders” win a lot, it’s because they are prepared to do battle.  Getting to know the DealDash Site is one of the best ways to prepare for battle.  First, be serious about bidding but have fun doing it.  I make a list of the people I want to keep an eye on, and I always use the tab “Who’s At Their Limit”, it costs one bid, but it can give you some insight into who may dominate a auction.  It’s found on your Dashboard in the left hand column.
Check the stats of the site when you want to get started.  Watch the winners list so you know who won the big bid pack recently.  When using the winners list to examine the field, the lower the final sale price, the shorter the auction.  So if some one just won an 800 bid pack for .48 cents, they just place those bids, but if it sold for $24.00 it’s been running a while.
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It takes some time to get to know the DealDash site in detail, so the more you play the more you know.  You start by having fun, you come and go in auctions, but now you want to win, and the power bidders are serious about winning and some will do it at all costs.  Everyone is on the site is there for the same reason, to find great deals.
Be sure to check the stats when you get there, who’s winning, for what price and Who’s At Their Limit? Knowing these facts will help  you win more auctions for less bids.
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!!
Donna, DealDash user since 2014.

DealDash Tips: Keeping an eye on the other guy!

Keep an eye on the other guy and then some.  It is so easy to watch the auctions and know that a certain player won’t bid more than 200 bids, then suddenly, he’s up around 500,  that’s one the most unpredictable issues about DealDashing…human nature!      Once you follow a few auctions, you will find that the same people consistently over bid or win at all costs.  This win should not be at your expense,  so if you have been in an auction and you see that “bidhappy” is in there, wait until they leave and then come back, they always leave, often come back, occasionally forget to come back and just give up…just like you. If you leave, you may lose to him, but the good news is he has one less win in his 9 win limit this week.  Once that player has hit the limit, they are done for the week.  I will sometimes let a player win if they are near their limit just to get rid of them!
There are many reasons to follow the competition’s habits.  One thing you will discover about bullies  is there are many, many “bullies” that bow out very early in an auction.  You can count on that often, you just need to learn who they are.  You do that by watching auctions and spending time bidding.  The good news; there is always time to learn.  No matter how long you have been playing, you will learn the competition, and we are always there because we love DealDash so much!
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If you are like me you don’t go shopping at the mall, I just don’t care to shop that way.  Everything I ever need I find at DealDash, in fact, I often find things I didn’t even know I wanted, and best of all it’s  a fabulous way to find the perfect gift for anyone, choose a recipient and play for an item, they will love the one you win!  Everyone I gift is sitting on the edge of their seat because they know they aren’t getting a cheap little trinket  from me, it is bound to be of high value and awesome! I have become the best gift giver in the family!
It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned player, you need to know your competition.  It’s the best way to predict if you could win or simply should give up.  Don’t be afraid to say…”I’m done, go ahead player X, have it.” If you do you will feel relieved when you’ve realized some other player over bid, 5 players went with them and you went on to win 2 other prizes in different auctions! Win, Win!
A sure thing about the competition, they are always there!  It’s why  DealDash is so  fun and exciting! We’re all here for the same reason, to find a great bargain, a good and interesting item and have a blast doing it.
Happy Bidding!!
Donna, customer since 2014.

Be Wise Beyond Your Years At DealDash!

There are a few mistakes the “Newbie” will commit. The first mistake beginners make is they don’t read the “Tactics and Tips” published by DealDash at   It is a lot of fun to come in to the auction and bid to win.  You went for the prize and you got it!  Don’t let this keep you from thinking before you bid in future auctions.  By thinking about what you want or need you will conserve bids.  If you throw bids out randomly on this and that…you will be sorely disappointed if you don’t win.  But DealDash is a fun game that just takes a little planning!
Another great resource for the beginner is on the DealDash site in the FAQs: , there you will find questions you may not have thought about yet and the solution to it.  Keeping in mind this is a game of chance, you might win and get a great deal, but if you don’t you do not have to go away empty handed, you can buy your item and get all the bids you used in the auction back to try for a new item.  That’s what makes DealDash so special, you don’t have to go away empty-handed.
Reading the House Rules at will also help you be a better-bidder even faster.  And if you are completely familiar with the rules, you will respect other players.  Let’s face it,  this is a game and you want to win, but there is a good way to win and a poor way to win.  Don’t be a poor player, you will most likely be taken down by another poor player while a dozen players are just sitting back and watching you both throw away bids.
A seasoned player will take a few moments when they arrive at the site to get a look at the playing field.  How many newbies are there? Who’s winning on the
‘Winner’ List” and what are they paying for it? These are a couple of simple questions to ask when you arrive at the auctions.
In the beginning it’s very tempting to start bidding without thought, but keep in mind these few guidelines.  1. Read the Tactics and Tips 2. Read FAQs 3. Read The House Rules and don’t underestimate the power of the Buy It Now option, a bids back guarantee!  All of  this will help you be a more seasoned player.
Most of all have fun!! DealDash is a fun, fair  and exciting way to get your shopping done, find great deal and DealDash always offers Free Shipping!
Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

The Best Way to Beating the Wintertime Blues

As soon as the holiday season comes to end it can be hard for people to go back to their normal lives. DealDash wants to help you because after spending time with family members and also obtaining a few days off work, it can be rather tough to keep one’s spirits up when as soon as back to the daily regimen. This fact is only worsened by wintertime being full swing, when a person’s entertainment choices are restricted by bad weather and a lack of desire on the part of others to head out. Indeed, the battle to beat the winter blues is never a simple one, but it can be tackled with a proper plan.
wintertime blues
Although exercising in the wintertime is naturally more difficult when the weather aggravates, it is still a sensible alternative, and also one of the very best methods to keep spirits up throughout the darker months. Although specific days do not enable it, getting outdoors and also being energetic is a superb way to create the winter season zip. Activities such as biking, trekking, playing football, basketball, as well as rock climbing are fantastic means to not just heal the winter blues, yet also to remain in shape. In fact a number of these activities, particularly hiking, are increased by the special modification in climate that winter offers.
However several communities, are tormented by particularly bad weather condition during the winter months, making exterior exercise especially trying. The good news is there are numerous gyms in most areas, which supply a great choice for dropping some extra pounds, fulfilling people, and also having fun. By doing just a bit of study it is reasonably very easy to locate health clubs that are not only top quality, yet likewise really affordable. Of course, one of the included advantages of getting in shape throughout the winter season are the dividends it pays for summer season when the weather condition is warmer and far more skin is revealed. Health club participants that kept in form throughout the winter season will certainly already have a boost on people that invested the winter season sitting around not doing anything.
Aside from getting even more workout, there are lots of other means to assist make the winter months fly by. Remember too that you can find all sorts of items on DealDash to help you overcome the wintertime blues. Considering that winter season unavoidably indicates that even more time will certainly be invested inside your home, it is an exceptional time to take up a hobby, or discover a trade. Being constrained inside should actually be a terrific excuse to begin creating an ability or to grab a new passion. It can be extremely fulfilling to invest a cold, rainy winter months day placing on a pot of tea, remaining indoors, and working hard to complete a task. Some wonderful indoor wintertime tasks consist of painting, knitting, playing chess, composing, and discovering a tool. It is a lot easier to obtain motivated to do tasks such as these when it isn’t bright and also beautiful outside, making them best for winter months.
wintertime blues
There are numerous specific tasks that can be looked into to assist heal the wintertime blues, but one of the most vital thing is to sustain a positive attitude throughout these months. It is simple to let cloudy climate as well as rainfall trigger depression, yet the chances of this are minimized significantly if a person is taken part in a task that they actually take pleasure in. Winter must not be checked out as a time of the year to merely try to make it through, but rather a time to benefit from brand-new opportunities. The next thing you can do is head on in to DealDash and see what type of items you can find to help you with overcoming the wintertime blues.

Bidding On A Budget on DealDash!

There are a few discoveries that I have found to help me conserve bids.  There is nothing more annoying than an opponent who doesn’t respect you time on the clock.  But what I have found about “stompie”  is they don’t stick around long.  They represent a group of high strung bidders who lack patience. However, often, on high ticket items, it will take them longer than not to bow out.  It’s pretty unlikely they will win, for one reason many players who are being stomped are stomping back. This describes a frenzy between 2 or three players.  This is a very good time to bow out of the auction, don’t leave but continue to pay attention, just pull your bids out.
When you’re bidding on a budget, it doesn’t make sense to 1. get involved with a stomper, or 2. stay involved in the auction.  So you have bowed out and one of the stompers did win, at least you left with your dignity…and your bids for another auction, and you still have the opportunity to earn free bids with your bid meter.
If you must stay in the auction, use the Bid Buddy.  One way to conserve bids using the Bid Buddy is play strictly on the odds.  If there are only two people in the auction, join in the odds are in your favor that you will win the auction.  If there are six people or more in the auction, back out until a few leave.  This activity goes on all the time with the long time players, they come and go.  Where newbies do one of two things, 1. They stay in too long and overbid, unfortunately, no one wins tht way. or, 2. They leave and forget to come back. They probably blew all their bids while they were waiting to bid.
The dollar amount of the prize matters too.  They higher the value, the more bidders, so stay away from those items, remember above everything else, this is about bidding on a budget.  So take action to conserve bids.  This means, jumping out when there is a reckless player, use your Bid Buddy even if you’re only throwing in a dozen bids.  Watch the auction you really want to keep an eye on all the players to learn their playing habits.
When you bid will have a lot of influence on how many people are bidding, if it’s Sat. evening and raining across the country, you can be sure there will be a lot of players, but if it’s dinner time on Thanksgiving, you might get lucky!
And lastly, if there is an item you really want, or perhaps need, don’t jump out of the auction to conserve bids, only to go throw them away in a different one.  Stay focused on the item you want.
It is possible to win plenty of items on a Bidding Budget, you just need to plan and shop smart.  Use patience and perseverance! See how much you can save at!
Happy Bidding!!
Donna, DealDash user since 2014.

Furniture For Every Room at DealDash!

When you think of shopping at DealDash, you may think about small appliances, toys and kitchen items, but did you know you can fill you home with furniture from DealDash?  Every day at DealDash 100’s of new items come on the market for auction.  Everyone has their favorite category and mine is the new variety of furniture that you can find.

I recently won a sturdy well made stool for $1.20 and about 50 bids.  This was a $970 handmade stool which is now proudly displayed in my husbands art studio.  There is a great variety of artsy furniture on the market all day and night at DealDash.  When I win an item as special as this for my home, I often try to win another one for other people in my life.  It is remarkable how shopping at DealDash can help you make a choice for a gift.  You are involved in two auctions for a gift for that special someone, when suddenly you win one and now you know exactly what to give them. And now you are sure you know someone else who would love it too, and before you know it, you have two of them and you’re shopping is done.

It’s a great time to cash in on big ticket items right now at Deal Dash through the 15th of November you can earn 3 times the free bids by placing bids!  For every bid you place you earn credit towards free bids three times faster!  With the higher the retail price the longer you are going to be bidding, therefore more free bids! I love the sales at Deal Dash, but the “three times faster free bids” is huge!
When bidding on furniture, keep in mind that they are popular items and require patience and bids.  You can buy a bunch of bids to get started and then parlay that into a bid pack or two, keep it small though the higher bid packs have many people trying to win bids with a few bids.  Remember your goal is to win a bed frame or a night stand, so in my opinion, go lightly on the bid packs.

You’ll want to stay focused on that special piece.  I will also offer this tip; ‘ve noticed that auctions for new and never seen before items tend to go for less bids than items everyone have been pining over for weeks so shop often and shop early to be the one to get the new prize!
So go grab 3X bids now through Sunday Nov.15 and use those free bids to get great deals at DealDash everyday!