Christmas Countdown at DealDash

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Over the next few days there will be a lot going on in the life of an average American, we’ll be shopping and wrapping.  The decorations are done, the candles are lit, we are merry, cheery and bright. 
But what about those moments in-between the wrapping and egg nog? That’s when we go DealDashing!  On December 22, 23, 24 go to DealDash and enjoy the “Countdown to Christmas” Sale.  This might be a time you shop for yourself.  During this sale all wins are 50% off giving you more bidding power as the final sales price is only half the closing price.  So stock up on bids and find your favorite items.  
Bids will also be on sale under the average price of .15 cents.  So you can save money on prizes and on bids while you are letting the clock tick down to the holiday.  So grab some warn cider and plop down in front of your computer and play!  
I find if I bid a little bit every day, I stay current on the trends with sales at DealDash.  I will use that to my advantage when I’m bidding, for example, it’s a good time to buy bids when they are on sale.  It’s a good time to go for the big one when Auction Win are free. By spending time at the site, you will learn all the tricks
Many people will be home over the next week, so you can be sure the DealDash site will be busy.  Adjust your strategy to suit this.  Be more aware of your surroundings, listen to the players’  comments and keep checking the Winner’s list.  
Auctions will typically take longer if there are a lot of people in it and the final price is 50% off, so people will spend more on bids and therefore use more bids.  Be prepared to go-all-in- to- win!  
DealDash will announce the upcoming week of sales on their Facebook page, stop by there and “Like” the page to stay in touch with the pulse of DealDash and meet the other players.  
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!