You’ve Tried Them All… And Then There Was DealDash!

So you’ve tried every auction site out there, I have too.  None of them compare to DealDash.  DD is the ONLY site that gives you a full refund of all your bids if you don’t win.  There are so many reasons to love DealDash, I could write a book….oh, I am writing a book, kinda’ it’s a blog.  HAHA!
Let’s face it, going to the penny auction sites it a risky adventure.  That’s not a bad thing.  I am always looking for something exciting in my life and for me, it’s DealDash!  I think you like it too or you wouldn’t be here reading my blog. 
I have a lot to say about this auction site.   It’s the fairest and best site out there.  I have tried them all, (about a dozen) I’ve spent a small fortune trying to win high end technology at other sites…I have never won a single item at any other site that I can brag about…now, there is DealDash, I have won a laptop, a couple of televisions, a couple of bicycles several artsy items over 1000 dollars, the list goes on.  I do spend money on bids, but I am rewarded for it, for every bid I place, DD gives me free bids back, I can’t even tell you how many free bids I have gotten that way, but it’s in the thousands.  I am at level 42, it gives 630 free bids.  My next level will reward me with 640 bids, who does that!? no on except DealDash. 
Visit-Site12 (1)
If you have been poking around on all the penny auction sites and you stumbled on DealDash, you had fun, you saw the fireworks and you want more. Maybe you won, maybe you didn’t, but one fact remains, you did not leave empty handed, you never will at DealDash. 
I have found at the other sites, if I win, it’s not something I want or needed, and suddenly I’m stuck with this merchandise I don’t really want.  That’s no fun. At DealDash you can exchange your prize for bids, so let’s say you won something, then suddenly you scratched your head and said, “what was I thinking?” well, at DealDash you can exchange the item for bids and go out to win something else.  So you had some fun, you won, you want something else, trade in your bids and off you go!
No other site I have found has bid prices as fair as DD, yes, there are a couple others out there with lower priced bids, but you need to use three times more to win ,so you are waiting 4 days to win something you can win on DD in 2 days. 
Trust me, I have had my fill of the other sites, but none compare to DealDash, they are a fair and honest site, they reward the players with every bid, their retail prices are real and not inflated.  You can get  great deal at DealDash. 
And, if winning a lot isn’t enough, the Customer Service is far above and beyond my expectations, even after a couple of meltdowns, they have been so kind.  I can’t say enough about how professional the team at DealDash is. 
Maybe you ask yourself, “I wonder what her melt downs were?” I will tell you, I was a newbie, I didn’t use BidBuddy, I over bid, I had high expectations, I was rude….I have mellowed, I am a good player, I don’t jump late, I don’t stomp and I feel good about all that.  Maybe you do jump and stomp, but I believe the bidding karma will get you, so just don’t do it. 
Thank you for reading my blog, I hope this helps you decide which site is best for your bidding style.  DealDash really is AWESOME!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Gifts For Teens and Tweens At DealDash!

If you have a teen or tween on your holiday list, you are looking for interesting and exciting gifts.  Young people are trend setters, so they like gifts that are trendy and technological.  They love gadgets! You can find a lot of these items at amazing prices on DealDash.
Vinyl albums have made a comeback and are very popular with teens.  You could inspire your young person with a gift of music.  Today, when so much of music is downloaded, it is absolutely refreshing to listen to vinyl!  It’s a great time to get out the old vinyl you have packed in the attic and share what you experienced as a teen.  A little bit of crackle in your music is quite nostalgic.
tt popcorn.jpg
Tweens prefer CDs of course, so I would suggest the combination turntable and cd player, they will be able to grow into it.  DealDash has a nice variety of turntables to choose from.
Your kids will be the most popular kids in town when they are making popcorn in the Kettle Popcorn Maker, this is an affordable, original, classic gift, everyone loves popcorn!
tt headphones
Once in a while the kids are keeping the neighborhood up with their music, that’s when it’s time for headphones!  Deal Dash carries a huge variety of head phones: earbuds, over-the-ear and cover the ear.  They also have the Dre’s Beats Brand and it’s a very popular tablet
For the artist/techie you will find the Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Tablet a great gift idea, this in where creativity meets technology, you know the one who would be thrilled that.
tt art kitThen, you have the traditional old-school artist, the one who must use graphite because they love the smell and that it gets all over their fingers.  You know that one too, the purist.  Deal Dash has them covered too!
Most people love their cell phones, and teenagers and tweens are no exception! That’s why it makes sense to load up their stockings with tech gadgets for cell phones.  Deal Dash has cell phone chargers and Bluetooth Speakers, And for the sports enthusiast the fitness trackers.

You will be thrilled to know that Deal Dash has thought of everyone when it comes to choosing products, they know what makes the customer happy, they have the trendy and new gift ideas.
Check the DealDash Facebook Page often to be updated on the current sales events.  I will also post the sales here at my blog.  Thanks for stopping by, and remember… DealDash helps your holidays be happy while you get to stay home and shop in a fun and exciting way in  your pajamas!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Cash-In On Holiday Sales At DealDash

Yes, shopping at DealDash takes planning…it’s part of the fun, and you do have to wait for your shipment, but you still have plenty of time to cash in on the upcoming sale at DealDash, and  receive your gifts in time.  This holiday season at DealDash is especially exciting with all of the new items and convenient  new features they’ve added.  But this coming week DealDash is having a Christmas Gift Half-Price Sale!  That means whatever the final selling price is, you pay only half.  The Christmas Gift Half Price Sale will feature the greatest Christmas gifts. They have just the right variety and selection of items for everyone.
One thing I know about DealDash is they want us to win!  They have sales that work into everyone’s budget, items that are sure to please even the pickiest people on your list.
Starting on Tuesday December, 01 and through Dec., 04 DealDash will be featuring their annual Half Price Christmas Gift Sale.  Along with that, some of the lowest bid prices of the year.
dd kit aidDon’t forget to load up on bids when they are on sale.  This time of year you never know when you might need that perfect winter item, like a snow blower or a automobile emergency care kit.
Stop by often to get information about upcoming sales.  As I learn about the sales, I will share the info with you here at my blog about my favorite penny auction site DealDash!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, DealDasher since 2014.

Christmas Countdown at DealDash

dd 50% off logo
Over the next few days there will be a lot going on in the life of an average American, we’ll be shopping and wrapping.  The decorations are done, the candles are lit, we are merry, cheery and bright. 
But what about those moments in-between the wrapping and egg nog? That’s when we go DealDashing!  On December 22, 23, 24 go to DealDash and enjoy the “Countdown to Christmas” Sale.  This might be a time you shop for yourself.  During this sale all wins are 50% off giving you more bidding power as the final sales price is only half the closing price.  So stock up on bids and find your favorite items.  
Bids will also be on sale under the average price of .15 cents.  So you can save money on prizes and on bids while you are letting the clock tick down to the holiday.  So grab some warn cider and plop down in front of your computer and play!  
I find if I bid a little bit every day, I stay current on the trends with sales at DealDash.  I will use that to my advantage when I’m bidding, for example, it’s a good time to buy bids when they are on sale.  It’s a good time to go for the big one when Auction Win are free. By spending time at the site, you will learn all the tricks
Many people will be home over the next week, so you can be sure the DealDash site will be busy.  Adjust your strategy to suit this.  Be more aware of your surroundings, listen to the players’  comments and keep checking the Winner’s list.  
Auctions will typically take longer if there are a lot of people in it and the final price is 50% off, so people will spend more on bids and therefore use more bids.  Be prepared to go-all-in- to- win!  
DealDash will announce the upcoming week of sales on their Facebook page, stop by there and “Like” the page to stay in touch with the pulse of DealDash and meet the other players.  
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Earn 4X at DealDash

Sale to the Holidays -Earn 4X Free Bids
At DealDash they know how to take care of their customers.  Not only have they increased the number of bid packs on the site up for auction, and the variety of bids packs, they have added 100’s of new items too.  At the same time, they have added many new features designed to improve the bidding experience. While DealDash is growing and evolving, other sites are the old status quo. I love that DealDash surprises me every day. 
When I used to go to other auction sites, I was quickly bored by the same old items.  All sites have your standard items for the kitchen, and you can never have enough small appliances! But, the interesting thing about DealDash is the unusual variety of homewares.  DealDash has become my favorite go-to place for fashion for my home.  They also have added a lot of items in the Hobbies category, like more exercise equipment, fishing and hunting accessories and other cool choices. 
 On December 19th and 20th at DealDash you will be able to win and pay for select items and have it delivered by Christmas, guaranteed, or it’s refunded and you get to keep it! DealDash has 100’s of items available in every category, you will find something for everyone while you also earn 4X the free bids! During this sale You can bid and shop for everyday items for Christmas gifts like clocks, woks, flatware, hot rollers, purses, art and gift baskets, to name a few.  
Bids will also be on sale for less than .15 cents each, and on the 20th, 100 auctions will start at 2:00 PM.  
Don’t forget to “Like” DealDash on Facebook and check their page daily for updates on sales. Their Facebook page is a fun way to see the winning community and share your wins for free bids.  I hope to see your smiling faces!
Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Quick Tip on a Brand New Way to Win at DealDash

The reality of the matter is these sorts of auction sites like DealDash are extremely popular; what this implies is that your possibilities of winning a proposal, and also winning it well are greatly minimized. Nonetheless, the much less preferred the thing you bid for or the less famous the auction site you subscribe to, the greater your opportunities of winning. This is merely since you will be bidding against much less people.
New websites turn up constantly, you merely need to make sure the legitimacy of any kind of public auction website you register for and sign up with. When you’re particular the penny auction is legitimate and also you’ve produced your account, you could check out for the much less attractive things for sale and also begin your bidding process there. You can avoid wasting time by just using DealDash because DealDash is a proven site that is trusted by thousands.
In terms of products that are less likely to capture other bidders’ eyes, you have anything and every little thing from blocks of cost-free proposals to gift cards … and also whilst to some individuals these may seem hardly worth bidding your money on, if you win them well you’ll successfully be obtaining even more money, (through coupons or store cards), for very little expense!win
The more proposals you win, AKA bids, then a lot more confident you will grow with the bidding process system as well as process, and also this will certainly enable you to establish your personal winning strategy. You can then take this technique onward and bid on bigger ticket items that likely have a lot more interest in them, as well as you might be more probable to win.
Lastly, even if you determine that you’re not eliminate to take on the threatening prospective buyers for autos, TVs and also high-end vacations, if you sharpen your bidding craft and also win smaller ticket things frequently you will still get the adventure of the encounter as well as you might still locate you’re on a regular basis landing family member deals.
Now that you’ve read these quick tips on winning on sites like DealDash, head on in to the actual site and start bidding. You’ll be glad you did when you win something expensive at a great price.

Some Strategies for Winning at Online Auction Sites

Online auction sites like DealDash are profoundly useful in winning the most effective bargains online. It is a typical mistaken belief that winning at these public auctions is a matter of luck. Real, there is a good quantity of good luck included but that is not the norm of winning at these auctions. Instead, you should consider an arrange to win to ensure that you do not really should rely upon luck to win. As a matter of fact, you really cannot obtain fortunate each time and also bidding process without learning about the best online auction techniques can really wind up making a loss for you.
public auction
These public auction approaches are well-tested across different sites. Today, there are hundreds of public auction sites in the marketplace. You should be careful in selecting the right websites, which must be legit and offer you a good chance at winning.

Online Auction Strategy-1: Seek the Best Time to Bid

This is a very important online public auction method that couple of people appear to observe. The simple fact is, you should understand the much less competitive times on a provided website. This can make a globe of distinction in regards to just how much you wind up spending on a product. You can see an order of magnitude difference in some cases in between the price of an item during the least as well as greatest affordable times.
The time for bidding is not precisely global but there are basic techniques you ought to know. For instance, it is generally the case that weekend breaks are much more competitive than weekdays but some websites may make up by having more public auctions throughout the weekends. The bottom line is that you have to do your homework here.

Online Auction Strategy-2: Winning More Bids, Free Proposals

A number of cent auctions have bid vouchers that you could win. Nonetheless, in many cases, these are extremely affordable. You have to balance out whether you wish to attempt to win these or simply get bids and win genuine products. Likewise, some sites have the choice of buy it now where you could make use of the money spent in the direction of bids that you shed on a product to acquiring that thing at the retail price. In such instances, the voucher quotes do not count and also as a result to reduce the overall risk, you could wish to cut down on the vouchers that you want to win.
That being claimed, nearly all brand-new sites have complimentary proposals given away to new members. You need to look for the discount coupon codes so you can delight in some cost-free quotes. These give a very good way to start and also the brand-new sites can usually assist you win little things merely via the totally free quotes.

Online Auction Strategy-3: Selecting the Right Sites

This is probably the most vital approach just considering that ultimately you intend to be able to invest in legitimate websites that have a reasonable possibility of winning. A number of the well set up sites are entirely legit yet obtain progressively crowded. Some of the brand-new sites are scams. You should walk meticulously and also look for the most effective sites which are relatively new as well as consequently less competitive and 100 % legit.
public auction
DealDash is a proven and trusted site that has helped thousands of individuals win some great items at an incredibly price. Just head on in to the DealDash website and start making bids to get some great deals.

Tips on Winning at Penny Auction Sites Like DealDash

Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you know that penny auctions like DealDash are sweeping the internet by force. These are the most popular fad in on the internet shopping as well as are here to stay due to the fact that anyone could come from any type of walk of life with the appropriate technique or plan and also clean up with the latest electronics today for less than $20. Today, I am going to let you in on the inside scoop on the best ways to win every penny public auction on DealDash like a professional. Bear in mind, a wise person once stated; “It is much better to show up and try, than to prepare to fail” – Confidential.
penny auction
The initial trick to winning an auction is keeping your focus on the reward. I understand it is very easy to become sidetracked by all the appeal as well as glam of the public auction websites; however, one result of participating in a number of public auctions like those on DealDash is that you will certainly lose out on the vital bidding minute that could make you the champion of the auction. This is a traditional novice action; if you wish to be a professional, equipment your mind to thinking like one, and one way to think as well as act as a specialist is to concentrate and also not shed concentration.
The 2nd trick to winning is to do your research. Study is the structure to completing any goal, including winning auctions. This will certainly assist you choose when and how you can bid on specific things on these sites. Keep in mind, every component is important when it involves winning any dime public auction. Also, researching your costs will certainly help you to prepare and also save your bids. It’s time to face it, rookies visit penny auction sites like DealDash and then bid all of their cash away.
The 3rd trick is to start with things of smaller sized worth. This will certainly give you the technique that you need for items with bigger value. As an example, you can start off by bidding on a present card rather than the iPhone4. Once you have improved your approach to your requirements, you must begin bidding process on a product of greater worth. Bidding process on products with smaller worth will also enable you to save your bids for the huge item that you have been imagining, and you will certainly be able to spot patterns of the masses in the public auctions; which is necessary in being a penny auction specialist. “Practice makes you perfect “-Confidential.
The 4th trick to being a specialist is having an open mind as well as trying new ingenious public auctions within the website, such as event auctions. Tournament public auctions are the very best kind of auctions online due to the fact that they supply an even playing area.
Competitions allow both rookie and skilled prospective buyers to win for a number of factors. One of the reasons is that the bidder does not blow up of their quotes, meanings for the very first time online and also anywhere in the world the customer has the ultimate advantage. Additionally, the quantity of individuals that bid on the item is controlled, so you understand just what and also that you are up against. Another part that divides competition public auctions from the masses is that you have a cap of just how much you can bid; this all boils down to apenny auctionapproach.
Currently you are a dime auction expert. Have a Pleased Bidding success Day! And head on into DealDash to start bidding, it’s one of the best penny auction sites there is.