Winning Photos

Did you ever wonder what it takes to submit a winning photo on

Let’s take a look at some of the things we can do to take an outstanding photo that could win the “Photo of the Week” contest and get rewarded with 1,000 free bids.

Good Lighting

To take a great photo, we might make sure we have good lighting so the photo will not come out too dark or out of focus. We can often get the extra light we need by turning on some lights or opening some curtains. If we turn on lights and take the photo directly into the light, it can cause light spots and we do not want that to happen. Light spots can usually be prevented by standing in a different place. Sometimes we need to move around and take the photo from different angles to get the best results.

Close Up Photos

Distracting backgrounds that takes the viewers eyes away from the main subject we want to include in the photo is what we might call “noise.” To avoid a distracting background, the photographer should not stand too far away from the winner with the winning product. It is usually best to get a tight, close-up photo of just the winner with their product, nothing else.

Happy Faces

The winner should have a happy and/or excited expression on their face. The subject’s facial expression should not look as if he or she is attending a funeral. Winning a product at a bargain price should be a happy event and the photo should depict that.

Be Creative

Do not be afraid to get creative. Instead of taking a photo of the winner just holding the item he or she won, perhaps you could take a photo of the winner actually using the item. Action shots are often more interesting to look at. Think of different ways to take the photo that will make it stand out from the usual static shot.

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