Deals for Art Lovers with These Auctions!

art quotes
“The Earth without art is just ‘eh.'” Get it?!
Whether you’re planning for the beginning of the school year, or just love to be creative with art, check out these auctions on DealDash geared towards art lovers! Plus this weekend is a great time to bid on penny auctions at because all item end prices will be discounted by 50%. This means if an item ends for $10.00 – you only need to pay $5 + your bids placed.
art setRoyal & Langnickel Deluxe Sketching Artist Box Set 
The Deluxe Sketching Box Set by Royal & Langnickel can be won on DealDash for less than retail! It includes 12 graphite pencils, 6 compressed graphite sticks, 6 compressed charcoal sticks, 12 compressed color sticks, 4 pastel pencils, and more Also includes 1 5-inch by 7-inch sketching/drawing pad, 1 mannequin, 1 6-inch ruler, 1 sanding block, 1 sharpener and more Wooden storage box measures 13-7/8-inch by 6-7/8-inch by 2-1/2-inch
darece art set
More for the beginning, budding artist, the Darice 68-Piece Art Set is an affordable starter set for kids. Buy it Now price in just  $13, so if you place a few bids and don’t win you can get your bids back and the art set when you buy it!0essentials sketching
Essentials Sketching Pencils, 21-Piece Set
The “must have” artist materials to begin exploring your artistic side This set offers a carefully chosen variety of the different sketching tools for the pencil artist The Essentials Set includes all the necessary tools needed to start your art adventure today. This set includes excellent quality graphite pencils, graphite and charcoal sticks, charcoal pencils, woodless graphite pencil, erasers, and sharpener for the pencil artist. This set is an exceptional value; it contains 21 high grade sketching tools packed in a transparent clamshell for storage and organization.
crayola digital art
In our ultra-connected world of course Crayola would offer a way for kids to express themselves artistically, except it doesn’t come with the new- just out of the crayon box wax smell or clean up, sometimes that makes the experience all the better. But for something different, especially if you can’t pry your kids off the iPad is this Crayola Digital Effects Deluxe Kit for Apple iPad.
“Green Fuel your little one’s creativity with this Griffin Technology Crayola DigiTools digital effects kit, which includes a 3D tool and digital crayon, airbrush and stamper to simplify creation of spray-art and other virtual effects. What’s Included Clip-on case Digital crayon Digital airbrush Digital 3D tool, 3D glasses Digital stamper Pages of background scenes and starter designs.”
crayola easelCrayola Fold n Go Art Studio Easel 
This brightly colored art desk /easel includes a comfortable stool, chalkboard and place to stop markers, chalk, pens and paints, plus a clip to attach art paper. Also includes colored paper and an eraser. offers all of these auctions for art supplies plus more back to school items! For bidding tips and more about DealDash browse our articles and archives here! Don’t forget that once you win you can share a photo with your win on social media to win free bids!
Good luck & have fun expressing yourself!