What Are Your Favorite Innovative New Tech Gadgets?

What are some of your favorite new tech gadgets that you wish you had that DeaDash doesn’t have? Check out my favorites! These sexy, sleek, sophisticated, new Harman Kardon Aura speakers are out of this world amazing.360º Room-Filling Sound: The Harman/Kardon Aura features a unique speaker & enclosure design which produces 360º room-filling. Six high/midrange drivers join together with its down-firing 4.5″ subwoofer to deliver a powerful, detailed soundstage which maintains absolute clarity from any angle in the room. The wireless speaker system utilizes Harman’s stereo-widening DSP technology to deliver a balanced sound with enhanced equalization to create a full and more realistic audio experience.” harmon kardon   Next up is Mini by EverPurse – it will be $129, just hasn’t been released yet. What it is is a wallet that will charge your iPhone 5 or 5s.

Experience up to 48 hours of phone battery life — from zero to 100% three times. Place your iPhone 5 or 5s into Mini’s aluminum charging dock, which embeds it safely on the backside of the wallet. Inside the hard shell, Mini keeps your essentials organized.

  mini everpurse If you want to get even crazier, crazy as in super cool, check out the Panano! This ball is a camera that allows you to take 360 degree panoramic shots by throwing it up into the air. 108MP quality and it’s made of the same rugged, water resistant plastic that a GoPro camera is. Set to be out in September. panono Next up is the futuristic looking Ninja Sphere. The Ninja Sphere lets you control your home’s environment by monitoring everything from temperature, letting and energy use and will even let you know if you left the lights on.  Set to be out for sale in June of this year. ninja

Lose your phone often? Come June you will need the WiseButton. The WiseButton will let you control your devices remotely and will track you smartphones and laptops or anything you can stick a tracking sticker to.sebutton

Wearable tech seems to be the way of the future. Take these Dash Smart Earphones, well maybe you can take them, if you snag a pair when they come out later this year. Perhaps November 2014.  They’re Bluetooth 4.0 ready, you can stream music from your phone plus they are equipped with 4GB of storage. They double as a fitness tracker and phone headset.

 dash smart What hot new or futuristic tech items would you like to see on DealDash? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll pass your feedback on!