What are Free Auctions? Are They Really Free?

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 5.32.39 PMEver notice the words “FREE” on auction items on DealDash?
What does the “FREE” mean?
Are these free auctions really free? Is it really a good deal to bid on items when they’re free?
DealDash is a fun auction site that allows bidders to save money on all the best, brand new items by buying bid packs and bidding on items for a chance to win them. Auctions marked as “free” are not 100% free because in order to win them you still have to pay for the bids you place. Free auctions are free because DealDash will waive the final auction end price if you win the item. So let’s say you bid on an item and spend maybe $50 in bids, the end price goes up to $30.26 as is the current end price for a new Microsoft Xbox One Console that’s live right now, you will not have to pay the final end price which will exceed $30 if the auction keeps going and you end up winning.
Auctions are not “FREE” auctions on DealDash all the time, this week auctions are free in honor of the St. Patrick’s Day holiday this coming Tuesday. If you win any auction this week during the St. Patrick’s Day Free auction promotion DealDash will pay the final end price and you will only have to pay a $0.01 transaction fee and any bids you placed in the auction.
Bids on DealDash are $0.60 each, but if you buy bids right now you will save $0.46 per bid! Bids are currently $0.14 each this week! So save money, win more auctions and have fun bidding at DealDash.com. What will you bid on?
Are you wearing green or drinking green beer this St. Patty’s Day?
Did you know that in Chicago the river is turned green? It’s definitely a sight to see.