Unique Christmas Ornaments

Are you still using the same ornaments on your Christmas tree that you bought a few decades ago? If so, then perhaps it’s time for a change. How about some new and updated tree ornaments from DealDash!

There is nothing wrong with keeping some ornaments that have been passed down from a previous generation or two and a few ornaments that will always have a special meaning to us. Nonetheless, it might also be a good idea to make our holidays sparkle with some fresh, new Christmas tree ornaments, too.

Christmas ornaments hang ready to decorate your tree!
Ornaments classically come in red, silver, gold, or green. But there are many more types, too!

Our favorite shopping site has several auctions of unique, decorative bulbs that we can’t find in local shops. These special decorations will have all of our family members and visitors asking, “Where on earth did you get such lovely holiday ornaments?”

The First Noel Ornaments

This auction consists of four First Noel Ornaments has a BIN of $225.00, but it just sold today for one penny. That shopper happened to be in the right auction at the right time, and the next time that happens it could be me or you. How exciting is that?

While these ornaments might be traditional-looking baubles at first glance, each one has a unique design in a predominantly green color that will enhance the overall appearance of our Christmas tree. I especially like the ones designed with little gold beads and the one with holly and a beautiful red Poinsettia – the official Christmas flower.

Winter Fantasy Ornaments

This auction features four beautifully crafted Christmas unique baubles that has a BIN of $215.00 but this set sold for as little as 65 cents, counting the cost of bids. What a bargain!

Even if we have no snow on the ground, this sophisticated selection of ornaments will no doubt give us a feeling of falling snow flakes during the winter season.

These ornaments also received a very high rating from all previous winners.

Sugar and Sparkle Ornaments

Did you ever see an ornament shaped like a donut? You can now!

This set of four sparkle ornaments has a BIN of $225.00 but it looks like they are fairly easy to win.  In fact, from Nov. 12 to Dec. 11, ten previous winners paid less than $2.00. We could never beat bargains like this.

Treasure Trove Ornament

This auction features a single, extra special ornament – the Treasure Trove Ornament. This ornament, which has a BIN of $145.00, has sold for as little as 81 cents counting the cost of bids.

What makes this ornament so extraordinary?  Not only is it embellished with jewels and glitter on the outside but it actually can be opened at the golden ring in the center to a hollow core. In other words, we could place a special treasure inside of the bulb.

Imagine what an awesome surprise it would be if a young man might hide an engagement ring inside and just wait for a special moment to reveal it to his fiancée. That indeed would be a treasured moment that would never be forgotten.

So far, past winners have given this ornament a very high overall rating. One former winner wrote that she plans to give it to her nephew and wife and she believes it will become a family heirloom. How special is that?

Ornament Family Traditions

I had an ornament family tradition that still brings back fond memories. As a family, I took my sons ornament shopping. Each year we each selected one new ornament we liked to add to our tree.

Perhaps you could start a special ornament tradition, too that starts with shopping for ornaments on DealDash.com!

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