To Bid or Not to Bid

Attention all shoppers: to bid or not to bid … that is the question!

Whenever we see a product go up for auction on the DealDash shopping site that we really want we need to decide when to bid, how much to bid and when to stop bidding. One other question we must answer is whether to choose to use the “Buy-It-Now” option if we don’t win the auction.

Long time DealDash customers might have it all figured out, but it can be a tough decision for new members. So let’s take a look at some of the options that might help.

Methods of Bidding

DealDash shoppers have many different methods of bidding.

For example:

  • Many shoppers place only one bid at the beginning of an auction and never return to place more bids.
  • Some shoppers place only one bid at the beginning of an auction and wait until the auction gets down to the last two or three players and then place all of the rest of their bids. Sometimes they add more bids if they start to run low.
  • Some shoppers place all of their bids at the beginning and often run out of bids before the auction closes, depending on how many bids they placed.
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When to BIN

Before placing any bids in an auction we should always check to see how much it would cost for us to use the BIN option and get all our bids back free. It’s usually wise not to place a higher dollar value in bids than what the auction product is worth. Here’s what I look at to make that decision:

  • How many bids can I place in the auction without going over the value of the product I’m bidding on? I set a limit on the number of bids I’m willing to use.
  • If I do not win, could I afford to BIN to get my bids back for free to use in other auctions?
  • How many bids did I use before the auction closed? If I only used a small number of bids it might not be worth doing a BIN. If I used a large number of bids, however, it might be my best option. If I participated in several different auctions, I looked at my dashboard to find the highest number of bids I could get back by choosing to use BIN.


With a few exceptions, from the customer’s point of view, overbidding is not a good idea. There are only two exceptions to that rule that I can think of:

  • When DealDash has a 2X or 3X feature and customers are trying to get their green line to the end to collect a bunch of free bids
  • When customers won a huge number of bids that did not cost them much and they are trying to establish a reputation of not being a quitter

If we consistently overbid the value of auction products, however, not only do we not end up with a good deal, but we also make it impossible for other DealDash shoppers to win products at bargain prices, too. If everyone were to stop overbidding more DealDash customers would be able to win bargain prices … and isn’t that what makes this shopping site so much fun in the first place?

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.