Tips to Learn About Other DealDash Bidders


What’s between you and an auction win? The other bidders. Here’s how to learn more about them, from DealDash.

The DealDash community is just like your local community – there are lots of different people from all walks of life, and they all do things differently. If you are able to learn more about them then you will have a better chance of being able to be the winner in an auction. There are a few different ways that you will be able to learn about the other bidders. Read on for more information down below, from DealDash.

Read Their Bidder Bio

Everyone has a bidder that they can fill out. Basically, you can write a couple of sentences of your choosing for the other bidders to read. Some people like to write about their families, their pets, their jobs, or their hobbies. Other people like to write more “challenging” messages such as “I will never quit bidding” or “I’ll bid until I have to BIN.” These messages may or not be true, of course!

Personally, I find that when people write more personal messages about their family or pets that it provides a lot more insight. For example, if “Granny2018” writes in her bidder bio that she is expecting her first grandchild in the beginning of 2018 I would know that she is most likely going to be bidding on baby items, and probably going to end up doing a BIN (Buy It Now) on them. This is because she needs the baby items for her first grandchild, and she probably doesn’t already own these items since it’s her first grandchild. And since she has to buy them anyway, she will probably bid all the way to the BIN price. So in this example, I probably wouldn’t even bother to throw in more than a few bids, because I would feel pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to get a quick win.

Look at Their Start Date

You can see when each and every bidder started on DealDash. While this isn’t a huge insight into their bidding habits, you can get a feel for if this bidder knows all of the tips and tricks like you do, or if they are making some newbie mistakes. I find that a lot of newbie bidders are extremely surprised to find that auctions can last not only hours but sometimes even days on higher priced items.  If it’s just down to me and a newer bidder that has just started, I would probably go ahead and keep bidding a little bit longer than if it was a more seasoned player. Of course, just because someone has just started on DealDash it doesn’t mean that they haven’t been bidding elsewhere and know what they’re doing.

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