Tips to Get the Best DealDash Score


Everyone on DealDash is looking for the best score. Here are some tips that you’ll want to keep in mind the next time you’re bidding.

Everyone knows that DealDash is the best place to score new jewelry, electronics, and home decor items. However, DealDash isn’t magic, you have to think about how you’re bidding and pay attention to the other bidders that are participating in the auction with you. Follow these handy tips from the DealDash Tips blog and you will be making your next big score in no time flat! Read on for more information.

Get to Know Your Fellow Bidders

No, you don’t have to get to know all of the millions of bidders on DealDash, but if you pay close attention you will see the same bidders over and over again, especially if you participate in a particular category on a regular basis. For example, I am a big fan of jewelry, so I often participate in jewelry and beauty auctions. However, I am not much for bidding on bid packs, and there are many bidders who seemingly only bid on bid packs, so I don’t need to pay them any mind because we will rarely cross paths in an auction. If you pay attention to the other bidders in your favorite types of auctions you will start to recognize them and their bidding styles. Take notes.

Get More Bidding Power With Free Bids

If you want to get your next big score with a little bit of help from DealDash you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the free bids that DealDash offers. There are many different ways to earn free bids from DealDash, and by far the easiest way is to simply log in every day and place a few bids. If you are able to remember to log in every single day for a week you will get thirty free bids for every day after that that you remember to log in and bid. This is a huge benefit to being a regular DealDash bidder. Personally, I have received hundreds of free bids from DealDash for just logging in.

Another very easy way to receive free bids from DealDash is to participate in their “Badge Challenges”. There are many different challenges, some of them give you free bids and some are just for fun. If you’re interested in the badge challenges, just go to this link and you can check them out.

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