Tips From DealDash – How Many Bids?

DealDash Bids

Today we are going to take a moment to talk about DealDash bids. How many bids should you be buying and spending? Read on to find out.

Today’s topic is all about bids. How many bids should you be buying? How many bids should you spend in an auction? How many bids are needed to reach the BIN (Buy It Now) price? All of these questions and more will be answered in today’s DealDash Tips article.

How Many Should I buy?

The answer to this is easy! If the price of bids is high you should only buy the bare minimum needed to bid that particular day. You might think “What does it matter if the bid price is .14 or .18? Well, it matters a lot! If you have $100 to spend on bids today, and the price of bids is .18, then you can buy around 555 bids. That’s a nice chunk of bids, however, if you had bought them the previous day when the price was .14, you would have gotten 714 for the same amount of money! The per-bid price really does make a huge difference. So, in short, when bid prices are low, stock up!

For some people spending $100 on bids is a lot of money, their whole “fun” budget for the month. For other people, that’s just a couple of lunches at a restaurant, no biggie.  Most people probably fall somewhere in-between these two extremes, so figure out your budget and buy as many bids as you can when they are on a good sale.


How Many Should I Spend?

When thinking about how many bids you should spend, you need to keep your own personal bidding budget in mind. If you have tons of bids in your bid bank then you can afford to throw them around a little, whereas if you only have the bare minimum, maybe you should save them until you can buy/win/earn some more.

How Many Bids to the BIN Price?

Figuring out how many bids to reach the BIN price is easy in theory. If it happens to be a free auction weekend then things are easy! Just take the retail price that’s listed on the auction and divide it by the price that you paid for each bid. For example, $25 divided by .14 equals 178. However, if it’s not a free auction weekend then you are going to have to get a little more creative and estimate the price that the auction will end, and do the math from there.

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