Tips For Smart Bidding at DealDash

At times we can get a little carried away bidding at our favorite penny auction site, DealDash, it happens to even the best and most seasoned player, but I have a few rules I give myself to avoid using too many bids.

Often I will bid on an item just to exchange for the bids, I have gotten too emotionally involved with these auctions, like I really want the item, but the truth is, I don’t want it, I just want the bids.  So, I avoid getting emotionally involved with this type of auction.  To do that, you have to set limits for yourself, if you decide to use only 25 bids to try to win this $150 item, stick to that.  If you didn’t win the item by then, you’re not getting the deal you want, and what do you do with a bad deal? Walk.

What about an item you really want?  Well you can get emotional about that because you have the power of BIN.  If you don’t win it for the right amount of bids, you purchase the items and get all your bids back.  At least you have your item, and you also have free bids you didn’t have to pay for.  Those bids, although free, have real value at DealDash, so if you used 1000 bids on an items and then purchased the item for bids back, you were just handed 1000 free bids, those bids can be placed on an item you really want and you may over bid with those bids, keep retail in mind if you do this, you don’t want to pay more than retail for the item, that’s foolish, the best time to do this is when the item is being offered during a free sale, where all wins are paid for by DealDash. 

Next, bid only on items you really want or have someone in mind to give it too.  If you know your niece will enjoy this lovely necklace for the holidays, then win it.  But if you don’t even know who you’re going to give this item to, don’t try to win it.  IF you get caught up in an auction such as this, you can always exchange for bids.

Pick and choose your times to bid.  Don’t bid when the site is too busy, you can tell this by looking at the number of Avatars in all the auctions.  Go into any auction, start with the $50 items, move up to $100, then $150, then $500….you get it, see how many people are in the auctions by counting the number of Avatars.  I can just look at the group and tell how many players there are, and you will be able to do this eventually too, but in the beginning, the number of players significantly affects your odds and the counting makes you familiar with the group as a whole. Mostly, it’s Saturday and sometimes Friday night.  Also, for some reason Monday is a crazy busy day.

Well, if the site isn’t busy right now, you’ll see me there, otherwise, I’m watching.  You can learn a lot when you watch during busy times, for one, you will see who bids on a lot of items at once.  Who has perseverance, most players come and go during the day, some are there all the time, get to know the difference, that will help you save bids.

My best tidbit of information is just don’t get too emotionally involved in an auction, if you lose it, buy it, if you don’t want to buy it, let it go.  You had a lot of fun trying to win it, and if you didn’t win it. Oh well.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding