The Best DealDash Icons

If you are shopping on you will never get bored. Why? DealDash continues to create more and more auction icons to keep us on our toes. That’s part of what makes this site so much fun.

Let’s take a look at two new shopping icons I have not written about yet – the Spy Buddy Auctions and the Duel Auctions. These latest two just may be the best ones so far.

Spy Buddy Auctions

The Spy Buddy Auctions are identified with an orange circle icon that has a magnifying “spy” glass in the center.

Have you ever wished that you could see just how many bids our competitors placed into BidBuddy?  If we only knew how many bids our competitors have placed into BidBuddy, it sure would make it a lot easier to decide if we should continue to bid or if we should call it quits, drop out and save the rest of our bids for another auction.

Well, guess what? This wish has “almost” come true. The reason I say “almost” is because the Spy Buddy Auctions only allow us to take a peak for one minute once every hour. Also, if anyone has more than 500 bids placed it will show up as 500+ so we will not have any way of knowing exactly how many bids our strongest competitor might have placed.

Once every 60 minutes DealDash will reveal all booked bids for one minute. Of course, that means our competitors in these auctions will have the same advantage as we do because they will, likewise, be able to see how many bids we have placed, too.

What’s the catch? For one thing, we might be checking at 5 p.m. while another competitor might check at 5:30 p.m. and a third one might check at 5:45 p.m. In other words, we will all be granted the right to see for one minute how many bids everybody else has placed, but we will not all be checking on each other at the same time.

Another catch is that I might be down to only 25 bids in BidBuddy at the time my competitors take their one-minute look. However, I might add another 300 bids just a few minutes after my competitors are done looking and they will not be able to check again for another hour.

Therefore, these Spy Buddy Auctions could be a bit tricky to learn how to use to our advantage.

Deul Auctions

The icon used to identify the Duel Auctions looks like a maroon color circle (almost red) with two swords in the center crossed over each other in the form of an “X.”

In these Duel Auctions the auction becomes a duel between the final two bidders. At first, I was a little confused how these auctions are different. Aren’t all of auctions a duel between the final two competitors?

If I understood this right, here’s the difference:  After the “No Jumper” limit is reached, if only two users have placed the last four bids and no one else has bids booked in the auction, a 60-second timer will start counting down. After the timer ends, if no other bidders have placed a bid, all other bidders (even if they previously qualified to compete in the auction by placing their first bid before the “No Jumper” limit) will then be locked out of the auction. In other words, it’s important to be one of the bidders actively participating in these Duel Auctions as soon as the auction gets to the “No Jumper” limit.

The bottom line

Participating in the Spy Buddy Auctions and the Duel Auctions sounds like a lot of fun. Serious competitors just might be able to get their techniques down to a science and figure out how to use their shopping skills to their advantage. Are you one of them? Okay, cowboys and cowgirls, I’ll see you in a duel auction.

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