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One new item on is a really awesome skateboard.

I never had a skateboard when I was young because they were not yet invented, but today this is one item the below 30 age group appears to enjoy a lot. However, there is no age limit, as long as you’re still healthy and in reasonable physical shape. Even some people in their 40s and even 50s sometimes go skateboarding. Most likely, it is one gift that would be a big hit with any young family member.

This skateboard has a BIN of $80 but as of this writing three of the four previous winners got it at a bargain price. According to the DealDash auction description, “this is the perfect choice for beginners.” It can handle any type of terrain and “will be able to stand up to heavy impacts from falls and collisions.”

The deck shape is “Round Pin Drop” and the deck measures 40-inches by 9.25-inches. The 8-layer Russian maple wood board also helps riders to maintain their grip on the board. The wheel size is 70 by 51 mm. The Truck type is “Reverse Kingpin” and the truck size is 7-inches.

This skateboard is “made with the best of materials and construction techniques” so it is sure to last for many years.

The history of skateboards

According to my research, Bill Richards invented the modern skateboard in 1958 but the first skateboards that were manufactured in California and Hawaii did not go on sale until 1959. Richards attached rollerblading wheels to a wooden board and called it the Roller Derby Skateboard. These early skateboards first used by surfers when there were no waves to ride.

San Diego is known as the “birthplace of skateboarding.” In 1962, the surf shop “Val-Surf” in Hollywood sold the first self-produced skateboards. While there are two main kinds of skateboards – longboards and short boards – there are different types and shapes of skateboards that include classic, longboards, cruisers and special shapes, old-school and mini-cruisers.

Alan Gelfand created the first skateboarding trick in 1973 and he called it the “Ollie.” Soon many other people were trying to copy it. The first flip trick, called a kickflip (but originally known as a “magic flip”) was invented by professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen.

Now there are four types of skateboarding – street skateboarding, vert skating, park skating and freestyle skating.

The most popular skateboard brands among professional skateboarders are Girl, Zero, Baker, Deathwish, and Enjoi. These brands are known for their high-quality decks, trucks, wheels and bearings.

Some of the most valuable skateboards are:

  1. Blowin’ in the Wind Skateboard, $38,425 in 2012, featuring Bob Dylan lyrics and signature/
  2. Lasek and Yauch Set, $35,00 in 2012, featuring Adam Yauch Signatures;
  3. Blackbird Board, $27,116 in 2011, featuring Paul McCartney hand-written lyrics;
  4. The Supreme Mundi, $20,000, in 2019, featuring Palette shape/ and
  5. The Golden Skateboard, $15,000 in 2014, featuring Gold plating.

The 10 all-time best skateboarders in the world are listed as: Tony Hawk, John Rodney Mullen, Mark Gonzales, Nyjah Imani Huston, Patti McGee, Daewon Song, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Paul Martin Rodriguez Jr. and Alexis Sablone.

Skateboarding made its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020. The competition was held at the Ariake Urban Sports Park. Skateboarding was one of four new sports added to the Olympic program for 2020 and it is also provisionally approved for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. The proposal to add skateboarding to the Olympics was approved in August 2016. The International Olympic Committee has announced that the Olympic Games Los Angeles 2028 will see skateboarding become a full-fledged permanent Olympic sport.

The bottom line

Skateboarding is still a popular sport, and we now have the opportunity to win a high-quality skateboard at a bargain price on

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