Sunglasses Galore

Do you live in a bright sunny place? Regardless of where you live in the USA, it won’t be long before we will all want to ensure we have a high-quality pair of sunglasses that will adequately protect our eyes from harmful rays of the sun.

Thankfully, you are shopping in the right place because has a wide variety of sunglasses that come in various styles and frame colors. Frames come in black, brown, gray, gold, green, black violet blue, navy, blue lavender snake and many more.

Whether we are shopping for ourselves, a family member, or a friend, we will be sure to find exactly the kind of sunglasses we want.

A housecat hilariously models its owner's pair of sunglasses.
A new pair of shades can make you feel like one cool cat!

A few years ago I won a sophisticated pair of sunglasses on DealDash and I still carry them in my purse wherever I go. They continue to come in handy on those bright, sunny days.

Let’s take a look at some of the many adorable and functional sunglasses that we can shop for on DealDash.

  • A transparent green pair of sunglasses has a BIN of $645. This pair has already been up for auction seven times in 2022. Four of those seven times, this high-dollar pair of sunglasses sold for less than $100. One customer won them for only $42.03 (counting the cost of 163 bids placed) and another customer won them for $43.11 (counting the 182 bids placed).
  • A pair of double pink lens sunglasses has a BIN of $139. So far in 2022 (as of this writing) this pair has gone up for auction twice and both winners received a bargain. One winner got them for only $18.10 (counting the cost of 87 bids placed).
  • A pair of heavy-framed black sunglasses has a BIN of $99. So far in 2022 this pair has only gone up for auction once, but the winner got an awesome bargain. The customer won them for only $1.53 (counting the cost of the 5 bids placed to win). This pair reminded me of the heavy-framed glasses that famous late singer Buddy Holly once wore.
  • A pair of sunglasses with a BIN of $750 also has heavy frames but this pair has a pink pistachio snake brown gradient. This pair has been up for auction twice in 2022 and both winners got a bargain price. On Jan. 22 the winner paid $137.74 (counting the cost of the 674 bids placed). Anyone looking for a light-colored extra sturdy set of frames might be interested in placing some serious bids on them.
  • A pair of sunglasses with purple-pink side frames that hook behind the ears but black and white zebra frames around the eye lens might want to place some bids in the next auction here. This pair has a BIN of $149. So far they have already been up for auction 12 times in 2022. Eight of those 12 winners got an awesome bargain. On Jan. 16, one customer won this pair of sunglasses for $7.19 (counting the cost of the 30 bids placed).  On Jan. 22, another customer paid a total of $20.09 to win this pair of sunglasses (including the 99 bids placed).
  • A pair of polarized active wear 5-in-1 sport sunglasses has a bin of $179. Any athletic enthusiast might be interested in placing some bids on this pair. So far, this sports pair of sunglasses has already gone up for auction 24 times in 2022. Nineteen of those 24 times the winner got this pair for $50.16 or less.  On Jan. 11 a customer got these sports sunglasses for $1.09 (including the cost of only 5 bids placed) and on Jan. 2 another customer won this pair of sunglasses for $5.26 (including the cost of 26 bids placed).  

For more details, please open the specific auctions and read the descriptions.

Bottom line

This is just a small number of examples DealDash has to offer but one thing all of these sunglasses have in common is that many shoppers got a steal of a deal. Most likely we could never find deals like these in any department store.

Warm summer weather and bright sun-filled days are not far ahead, so perhaps now is the perfect time for us to win some of these deals on a pair of sunglasses, too.

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