Snowed in? Get Crafty with These Deals on DealDash

If you’re really getting bored of being stuck in the house with nothing to do because it’s too cold to go outside, and you may even be snowed in, what do you do? Crafting! DealDash has great deals on tools to get really creative on your weekends in this winter.
scanncut hobby
Scrapbooking on your list of things to do with those shoe boxes filled with photos? Check out this ScanNCut machine, it makes scrapbooking and cutting fun shapes easy!
The Brother ScanNCut Home and Hobby Cutting Machine requires no cartridges or PC! Developed with the advanced, cutting-edge technology that Brother is known for, the Brother ScanNCut is truly an incredible innovation in electronic cutting machines. Only ScanNCut allows you to scan virtually anything — from your handmade drawings, cherished family photos, holiday or home decor designs and more — and then create custom-cut shapes or outlines to fit your unique project. The high-quality built-in 300DPI scanner, combined with precise cutting technology, large LCD display screen with on-screen advanced editing capabilities and more than 600 built-in designs all give you the tools you need to raise your creative possibilities to a new level. It features an 11.7-inch wide scanning and cutting area to accommodate large projects. It includes a full set of accessories and is easy to use right out of the box.
Retail – buy it now price is $491.
Bid on an upcoming auction.
brothr sewing machine
Stay in and sew something easy and useful: warm flannel pajamas!
Here’s a great site with free instructions to make a pair of pajama pants!
If you don’t have a sewing machine bid on one at DealDash and save money if you win.
The Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine CS-6000i features an LCD screen with four +/- buttons for stitch selection and settings. With 60 different stitch functions, you can stitch garments in any style of sewing. Some of the functions on this Brother computerized sewing machine include button holes, zigzags, decorative stitches, heirloom and utility stitches. The speed control slider helps you control the speed at which the machine sews. This electronic sewing machine can be operated either with a foot pedal or the one-touch button. The automatic needle threading feature consists of a spring type hook and lever operation, which helps you insert the thread to the eye of the needle with ease. This electronic sewing machine uses needles in size ranging from 9-16. This sewing machine can sew 850 stitches per minute. Adjust the speed with which you stitch using the electronic speed adjustment feature. You can easily carry this lightweight sewing machine.
This sewing machine retails for $177, buy it now or bid on an upcoming sewing machine auction on DealDash. The last one sold for just $0.92!
What’s your favorite thing to do when it’s cold outside?