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Are you a dog or cat lover? Did you notice all of the items available for pets on

Most people who own dogs or cats consider them to be part of the family. Therefore, it’s important to make our pets feel as comfortable as possible, and DealDash has several items that can do just that.

Our family had several dogs and cats on our farm when I was a child. I also had a Black Lab when I was a young adult, but items like pet travel seats were not available back then. In fact, I am surprised at all the awesome items we can buy for our pets now. I do not have a pet now, but if I did, I think I would go on a pet-shopping frenzy!

Let’s take a look at one product that will be sure to delight your pets, whether you have cats or dogs.

Pet travel seat

I certainly wish I would have had a good car seat for our family dog when my sons were young.

I decided not to take our dog Sneaker with us on a long trip because I was concerned our dog might bother me while I was driving. I also thought our dog might get too hot in the car. Therefore, when we went to visit my aunt for the 4th of July, we left Sneaker at home in the care of our neighbors. As it turned out, fireworks in the neighborhood spooked our dog when he was not wearing a leach and Sneaker ran off and was hit by a vehicle on the road. When we returned from our road trip, we were so sad to learn our dog was injured so badly he had to be put to sleep. If only we had a good doggy car seat we could have taken Sneaker with us. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to own a good car seat for your family dog.

DealDash now has a high-quality road-ready pet travel seat with a BIN of $433.

This pet travel seat has been receiving rave reviews. Many people stated that their pets (cats and dogs) absolutely love having their own car seat made especially for them. Based on 33 reviews from previous winners, this car seat for pets received an overall rating of 4.91 out of a possible 5.0. That’s outstanding!

After reading the auction description on DealDash, it sounds like this pet travel seat is perfect for cats or small and medium-sized dogs. It measures 19-inches by 14-inches by 13-inches. However, several past winners stated that this pet car seat is “bigger than expected.” One winner said her dog is too big for this car seat but her dog does not care, jumps in and wants to ride in it, anyway. One thing is for certain: This is pet travel seat ensures your cats or dogs will travel in “comfort and style.”

For more detailed information, read the auction description.

The bottom line now has many auction items available for pets including some of the following:

  • Pet side carrier pack
  • Pet beds
  • Climbing tree (for cats)
  • Pet tent
  • Pet cube
  • Pumpkin pet bed

In the past, I saw some dog coats, too, so keep your eyes open for more products to keep your four-legged family members comfortable and happy.

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