Shopping for Ice Makers

Sometimes it’s difficult for me to find enough room for everything in my freezer. Many other people have the same problem, but has the perfect solution.

Did you see the countertop icemakers has up for auction? If you have enough counter space this is a good time to shop for one.  If we do not win an icemaker on our first try, that’s okay because DealDash has more icemaker auctions coming up. We can always choose to Buy-It-Now and get all of our bids back for free to use in another auction, too.

Let’s take a look at them.

Black countertop icemaker

This black countertop icemaker has a BIN of $128.00. According to the auction description, some important facts about this icemaker are:

  • This portable icemaker weighs 19.14 pounds and makes 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours;
  • Fast ice produces 9 cubes of ice every 7 to 15 minutes;
  • The inside reservoir holds two-to-three quarts of water, and the Led display electronic controls makes it easy to operate;
  • We can store up to 1.4 pounds of ice in the interior basket, and an ice shovel is included so we can remove the ice in a clean and sanitary manner;
  • It runs at 38 decibels so it is designed to be extremely quiet when it’s running;

For more details about this icemaker, please see the auction description.

Previous winners have given this icemaker rave reviews. So far, this item has received an overall rating of 4.87 out of a possible 5.0 and that’s outstanding. We can learn a lot if we read what previous winners write about a product. One winner wrote:

 “I could not have loved this anymore. It makes ice in only a few minutes in 2 sizes. Best purchase ever.”

Because this is such a popular item, some shoppers do overbid the value of this product. However, the good news is that some shoppers are still winning this countertop icemaker at bargain prices. So far some of the best bargains winners have received are:

  • April 10, this countertop icemaker sold at $13.01 and the winner paid a total of $6.90 including the cost of the 28 bids placed;
  • April 21, this icemaker sold at $8.99 and the winner paid a total of $17.59 including the cost of the 43 bids placed; and
  • April 23, this icemaker sold at $12.53 and the winner paid a total of $21.93 including the cost of the 47 bids placed.

So you can see from the above real examples it is possible to win a bargain in spite of the stiff competition for this product.

Silver countertop icemaker

This silver countertop Icemaker has a BIN of $169.00. It makes about 9 ice cubes per cycle and up to 27 pounds of ice per day. Just add water and select desired size to make ice in as little as 7 minutes.  Some of the features of this icemaker are:

  • User can choose between small or large ice cubes;
  • It has easy-to-use control pad with indicator lights;
  • User can view the ice level at any time using the convenient see-through window;
  • The ice basket is removable and it has an handy ice scooper for effortless servings of ice;
  • Unused ice cubes automatically recycle back into the water reservoir; and
  • We can replenish day-old water using the built-in drain cap to ensure freshness

Based on 42 reviews, this silver countertop icemaker received an even higher overall rating of 4.96 out of a possible 5.0.

The bottom line

If we want to stay cool this summer shopping for an ice maker may be the item to help us do just that.

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