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Have you noticed the many different backpacks that go up for auction on

Over the years, I won several backpacks on DealDash. I kept some and gave some away as gifts to my sons. I gave a waterproof backpack to my granddaughter and she used it as a laundry bag to keep her clothes dry. We live in a rainy state and she had to walk between her apartment and a laundry room. We are all very happy with the backpacks I won from DealDash because they all spell QUALITY in capital letters. They are strong, made to last and have plenty of room.

A stylish backpack sits waiting to be carried off to school.
A new backpack tops many shopper’s back to school lists.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best backpacks DealDash now puts up for auction.

Tactical backpack

The Tactical Backpack with a BIN of $240 is a “must have” for every serious trail blazer or camper. It has a place for everything any hiker might need or want for a long expedition over multiple days. This rugged backpack, made from durable polyester with a waterproof PVC coating, has 50 liters of space that can hold all of the outdoor essentials.

It measures 21.6 by 14.2 by 9.8 and has three separate compartments. The easy-access top zipped section can carry a phone and compass. The padded shoulder straps with multiple compression straps include a waist and sternum belt. This keeps the backpack secure and evenly distributes weight to provide added comfort and ease when carrying a weight-bearing load.

According to the DealDash description, the largest compartment can store bulky items such as extra clothing layers and shoes; and the two side compartments will hold smaller essentials like food, knife, torch, extra ammunition supplies and other survival tools.

So far, this Tactical Backpack has received 55 customer reviews and has earned an overall rating of 4.88 out of 5.0. This is a very high rating and says a lot about customer satisfaction of this product.

Stabilizing endurance backpack

The Stabilizing Endurance Backpack with a BIN of $625 is designed in nylon jacquard and heavy-duty polyester with PU coating, water repellent. This backpack is another durable backpack intended for use in some rugged backcountry terrain.

According to the DealDash description, this backpack measures 32.7 by 16.5 by 11.8 inches and has a volume of 65 liters. It was made to adapt to the user’s height for a precise fit and optimal positioning to distribute weight evenly.  It has cushioned, adjustable shoulder straps with waist straps and sternum harness. It also comes with an aluminum spine panel and is designed to enhance air circulation and keep the user’s back cool and dry.

The front poly-jersey fabric pocket holds extra clothing and accessories, and the bottom compartment is for holding a sleeping bag. It also has side drop-in pockets, a rain cover in a bottom pocket and even has a zipper pocket on the waist belt. It also includes a trekking pole and ice axe attachments.

On Aug. 13, this Stabilizing Endurance Backpack sold for at 3 cents and the winner paid a total of 41 cents including the cost of the 2 bids placed.  I’m sure that winner did a happy dance.

The bottom line

Any one of us could be the next shoppers to win another awesome bargain on a high-end backpack like this. Happy shopping everyone!

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