Shopping Dilemmas

Have you ever found yourself in a shopping dilemma on 

Perhaps your auction is down to the last three players and you are trying to decide if you should add bids and go for the win or cancel your bids and save them to use in another auction. Experienced shoppers have most likely developed a process that could make that decision a lot easier.

Here’s what I do:

  • Write down the screen names of the last two competitors;
  • Check the Winner’s List to see if either one of the last two competitors recently won a large bid pack;
  • Check the Winner’s List to see if my competitors recently won a high-dollar auction that they might have exchanged for a large number of bids;
  • After getting that information, analyze it.
A woman shrugs her shoulders to illustrate the frustration of being in a dilemma.
Don’t put yourself into a bidder’s dilemma – think and plan ahead!

Real examples

In one auction yesterday, I was down to my last 200 bids, and of course, I had no idea how many bids my two strongest opponents might have left or if I still had a good opportunity to win the auction.

After checking the Winner’s List, I discovered that one of my final competitors won a 925 bid pack. Does that automatically mean this competitor would have the bidding power to out-bid me? Not necessarily. To determine that, I had to ask a few more questions:

  • How many bids did my competitor use to win the large bid pack?
  • How long ago did my competitor win the bid pack?
  • Is this competitor actively participating in any other auctions, and if so, how many?
  • How likely is it that this opponent has already used most of those bids?

In this case, my competitor only used 8 bids to win the 925 bid pack, so that made me believe this shopper could still have a large number of bids left. However, this shopper had won those bids 13 hours earlier, so that made me believe that competitor had plenty of time to already use most of those bids. So this was a difficult decision.

In another example, I saw that a competitor had recently won a pendant with a BIN of $440.00. If exchanged for bids, this shopper would have gotten 440 bids. However, this shopper used a whopping 530 bids to win the pendant, so that would mean this competitor was 90 bids in the hole (to the negative). At the same time, this also showed me that this shopper does not know when to stop and most likely has the habit of over-bidding the value of the auction. Who wants to compete with a shopper who does that?

In a third example, I saw that a competitor in the same auction as me had just won a handmade rug with a BIN of $3,600.00. This shopper used only 504 bids to win the rug. That means this shopper could have exchanged the auction for 3,600 bids and might have ended up with more than 3,000 bids to the good. Most likely, this competitor had more bidding power than I did, so it was better for me to save my bids for another auction.

The bottom line

If you find yourself in a shopping dilemma, check the Winners List. It could help you make wise shopping decisions, save bids and win more auctions.

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