Shop for summer

If we are shopping for some really nice items for the summer months, is the place to go.

Zero-Turn Riding Lawnmower

Perhaps some of us have not yet started mowing our lawns, but it won’t be long before we do.

Did you see the awesome zero-turn riding lawnmower on DealDash? I did, and it looks like a really fun lawnmower to own. This auction item has a Buy It Now price of $2,799.00. To give everyone an opportunity to get in on the bidding fun for this popular mower, the “No New Bidders” banner has been raised to $50 instead of $5.

Propane Gas Grill

Who would not want to have a good outdoor grill?  Well, I’m glad to say DealDash now has an awesome propane gas grill valued at $614.00. This, too, is a very popular item.

Pressure Cooker

Are you planting a garden? Do you plan on canning some vegetables fresh from your own organic garden? Well, then you are coming to the right place to shop. DealDash has a dual-function pressure cooker, valued at $130. However, previous winners for this auction have been able to win it at bargain prices. The best deal so far is the winner who paid only 41 cents, or $1.61 counting the cost of the 6 bids that were used to win it.

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