Secrets to Bidding on DealDash!

Are you searching near and far to find out what the secrets to bidding and winning on DealDash are? Look no further, you’ll find the answers here.
First, if you want to win you have to first bid!
To bid you need to understand how bidding works on a penny auction site.
Penny auctions are not like eBay – there are no individual sellers on a penny auction site. A penny auction site has auction items from just one company, or seller. In order to win you have to be the highest, unopposed bidder when the auction clock finally reaches zero. The auction will not end until there is one last bidder standing. So say you are bidding and bidding, then you are still the top bidding bidding, it’s 2 – then 1 then 0 and you won! Why? You won because no one else hit the bid button. So, what you hope for to win is that no one else places a bid after you did.
Dealdash-deals laptopsTo even have a chance of winning you must have the bids in your account. Bids are not free but there are many ways you can get free or cheap bids on DealDash. 1.) Bid promotions for free bids, or 2.) Bid promotions for discounted bids. Watch for these! For more details on free bids read our guides.
Bids cost $0.60 per bid and are sold in bid packs, so be sure to watch out for bid sales you may be able to get bids for as low as $0.15 a bid when there are promotions!
dealdash bidsRight now bids are $0.15!
Bidding secret: buy it now! If you now have bids and a knack for bidding you will probably have experienced auctions ending as soon as you missed the bid button. You spent bids and you really wanted that item. Did you know that you don’t have to just throw away those bids? Buy it now is a super popular feature on which allows you to use “buy it now” after you are done bidding, or want your bids back during the auction and the item. All you have to do is look at the price that is stated for the buy it now price and decide if you want to pay for it. Once you do you will get all of the bids back into your bidding account to use at a later time. Note: This is not a full bid refund, just a bid reversal, so the bids go back into your account and you get the item once you pay for it at the price stated. Plus shipping is totally free on all items at DealDash.
Miss the bid button and you were still willing to bid more – maybe even a lot more?  buy nowWell, this problem could be solved if you would just use the bid buddy software. The bid buddy on DealDash is a bidding system that will let you input the amount of bids you would like to spend from x-x, $0-5.00 and 100 bids, etc. and it will just bid for you. You won’t miss the bid button because the bidding system will bid for you when the timer counts down!
More bidding secrets can be found by reading the tips posted on this site. But here’s another one.
Bid between 0-$5.00 to get a jump start in bidding, then walk away and wait for while.. Watch the auction and see how far it progresses. With a $5 cut off time you could have better odds of winning after the auction hits $5 because only the bidders from the beginning of the auction can continue to bid!
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