Save $$ This Week At DealDash!

As the winter winds down, and the sun begins to shine, the days are getting longer and this week not only is the sun shining from coast to coast, DealDash is having their “End Of Season Sale”.   This is my favorite kind of sale because you get so many free bids you could win a free prize for every level you achieve.

How you do this is for every bid you place at DealDash, they reward you with free bids using your free bid meter.  How you achieve the next level is by bidding.  Each bid you place tallies on a meter at the bottom of your screen, when you reach the next level you simply click on the collect free bids and “poof”! they are deposited into your account.

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Now what you need to do is determine what you could win with this amount of bids.  Each level increases the number of bids you win by 10’s and with increasing value.  When you start at DealDash you will win 50 bids and 100 bids.  Once you have been at the site for some time you could win hundreds of bids for every level.  For example, I am at level 55 and just collected 750 bids.  I feel comfortable going for a high retail item with that number.

So let’s say you are a beginner and you just won 200 bids, it is unlikely you will win a big ticket item with that number of bids it is best to try for a smaller item.  Now you go shopping.  Find items that may be easier to win.  So how do you know that?  Ok, here is my tip, a battery charger for your car is not going to be as popular as generator for camping.  It’s true because everyone wants the more expensive item, it has more options.  So go for the battery charger! There will be less people in the auction and it will be more likely you will win!  Likely, a hand held mixer will be easier to win than a stand mixer, everyone wants the big mixer, so  a lot more people are involved with the auction and are more likely to bid way over 200 bids.  The hand held mixer will most likely go for around 20 – 50 bids, but probably not more than the 200 you just got for free.

This week at DealDash is the perfect opportunity to earn free bids because Monday March 7th, 2016 through Thursday March 10, DealDash is giving away three times the free bids with their 3X Sale. For every bid you place it is multiplied by 3! Triple the fun! Bids will be on sale between .13 and .15 cents each, and on Thursday 3/10/16 DealDash is giving away wins for free! No matter what the closing price, you pay only one penny plus bids.  Also, on Thursday they will have 50 auctions start at 2 PM when it’s fun to try and win a big items for just a penny.

The End of Season Sale at DealDash this week is going to give you a chance to win items for free more ways than one.  3X Free Bids all week and on Thursday Free Wins too!

Good Luck and Happy bidding!!!